PyWeek - Crunchy Toads - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 4 3

Pretty hard to play (but not in the fun way), most likely because clinging is hard to control (seems like it depends on exact timing of hitting the keys or so)

3 3 2

Good graphics and level design. Game mechanics need more polish: climbing was an exercise in frustration, even more with all the bats flying around. Weak relationship with the theme. Nicely animated bats. A good start for a real game.

3 4 2

Getting killed by a mine and going back to the start was frustrating. Getting to grips with the control system also took a while. Felt a bit like playing a cross between prince of persia and bionic commander. Nice graphics and the levels were good.

4 2 3 yes

Entry disqualified because it did not work unchanged on Linux with all libraries and engines needed.

Other than that it was a good game. It's missing a storyline, but graphics could have been a lot better and gameplay was nice.

4 2 2 yes

The game didn't work out of the box, and had to be hacked to work on linux.
The sprites of the character has white borders arround.

4 4 3

I had some fun playing this... I found the bats a bit difficult (so I could not get past level 2), but nice work

2 3 2

Nice music and artwork. The game control and story could have needed some more time though.

3 3 3

The jumping system was a little annoying sometimes.

5 4 3

This game has a lot of potential, it mostly just needs more levels and variety. A method of replenishing health would be welcome, too. And I wish there were some way of fighting back at those darn bats...

3 3 3

I found some bugs, but the game's fun. :-)

3 4 3

Nice paralax scrolling. Some of the controls were a little tough to use, though, but eventually I got them figured out.

3 4 2

- Too fast dead.

1 1 1

It just crashs:

...2/", line 176, in insertEntity
NameError: name 'ent' is not defined

3 3 2

Very nice music. A bit lacking on graphics, and the levels are only two and very difficult. I could only finish both by POKEing :-)

5 3 3


2 2 4


2 4 2

The difficult controls made it hard for me to get far in the game.

4 2 3

The game was fun, but the controls were a little off. I would have liked to see a lot more to the game besides dodge mines, use the grappling hook, and reach the exit. The wall jumping was also a bit bizarre, felt like it slowed down the action rather than helped it. I would have preferred to immediately jump off a wall.

The graphics were funny but seemed to not mesh very well because the thief was live action still shots, and everything else was 2D. Overall fun to play, but needs improvement.

3 3 2

it was difficutl to play.

2 3 2

I didn't find it very fun. It's too hard to control, and thusly it's hard to get into the game enough to bne immersed

3 3 2

Nice graphics, good walk cycle.

3 3 2

Nice game. I liked the intro story a lot. I never really got used to the clining to the walls controls.

3 2 2

Music was nice, but the sound was quite skippy. Not sure why.

Neat game!

4 2 1

Really hard to play, what makes it so playable (but a little frustrating). needs some touchups about overall looks and game level design.
the rope physics is nice (defy gravity)

3 3 2

Nice platform game.

3 4 2 yes

No use of theme that I could discern. Restarting the level when you hit a spike trap sucks.
Otherwise it's a fun little game. I like the parallax scrolling too. I liked that your music guy
was the player :)

4 5 3

The game is quite good. I personally don't like the "photos of real people" style of animation, though that's more than compensated for by the background music. BTW, there's some kind of bug where you can see seams between the blocks sometimes.

3 3 2 yes

I like the game, except for one part: wall-jumping is too hard. It didn't seem to work correctly
every time I tried it, and there's a huge vertical space to wall-jump already on the second
level. Also, the bats cannot be killed, so they can get unbelievably annoying. And, well,
nothing seems to disappear in the game, so I had to disqualify it.

2 2 2 yes

The art direction is messy, with apparently a photographed main character, and with other graphics being digital. Controls were a bit iffy. The wall jump didn't feel like wall jumping, but instead it felt like I needed to exactly press an arbitrary key combination. The ninja rope seemed hard to use unless there was a lot of space, although I guess that might be intentional. It just wasn't as versatile as in some other games. The game was also very short. :-(
Disqualify because the game doesn't incorporate any disappearances or acts.

4 3 3

Heh, nice player gfx there... He reminds me of someone I know, not sure if that's good or bad.
Wall jumps are sort of easy to pull off but not so much so that they're a given each attempt.
Grappling is even harder, and EVERYTHING'S hard when there are wretched bats around... I
reached the top of the long shaft of the second level, then I gave up at the
grapple-over-the-bats section. Platforming physics are a bit skittish at times but overall
pretty solid.