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This was very confusing at first; it took me much more time than I was expecting to understand
the game. I think you have a great idea here, but a big component is to make sure the player
understands what's going on (especially in game jams!). Part of the confusion was that I
didn't realize that the arcs were directed, and also I admit that I missed the part in the
instructions where it says how to activate the powerup. I thought the game was mouse-only and I
kept trying to click everywhere, and I wasn't expecting the powerup to be a key when all the rest
of the controls are mouse-based. The goal of the game was a bit hard to digest, too.

Despite this problem, the mechanic is very interesting. I enjoyed trying to figure out how to
solve the level and avoid the enemy. I admit that I stopped at level three only, in part due to my
lack of understanding of how to master the rules of the game (and also because I have limited
time and a bunch of other games to play!).

I also thought the visual effects looked cool! The sounds were great, too.

One final comment: I'm wondering why this game isn't turn-based. I might be wrong but I feel
that it would work much better, giving time for the player to think about the next move. The time
bars essentially make the game turn-based already in some sense, don't they? Maybe I'm still
missing something that's giving me a hard time with solving the levels.

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I couldn't get pysdl2 working (I found the sdl2.dll I need, but still haven't gotten it

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nice game, at first I didn't get it, after playing a while I won all levels, but I just used one
type of powerup (enter).

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Gave up. I had to install pysdl2 under python2.x that got me mad.

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Really nice game. But really difficult to understand, with no explanation in game.

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The graphics were good - the game itself was pretty confusing though, even after reading the
instructions carefully. I made it through a few levels mainly through trial and error.

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Nice puzzle game. I got through the first six levels and I thought it was pretty challenging. I
tried a few random levels too, but not all of them were fair. A couple cosmetic changes could
have made the interface a little clearer, like changing the cursor to an hourglass or
something while you were waiting for the recharge, but once I played a few levels I got used to

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MY PROBLEM: I cant install python 2 on my computer

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SDL2 issue