PyWeek - CoDoGuPywk25 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 4 2

Very difficult, hit boxes too small.

4 4 4

It was a pretty good game. I played it all the way through and I really enjoyed having to
continually retry to make it through the trampolines. I almost quit because it was taking me a
long time, but it was not too long of a game. I think just right. It may have been improved with a
few features but was kept within a good scope for the week.

4 4 3

Good level design. A good amount of challenge. I found the jumping mechanics a bit weird but not
too bad once I got the hang of it. I like the atmosphere. I wish there could have been more
objectives that required clearing the air.

2 4 3

It was very difficult to control, there was an acceleration when you move to the sides, i have to
change the source code to finish it.

3 4 3

The sound and graphics were nice, and I liked filling in the colour in the world. The jumping was
too hard though - too little air acceleration, too unforgiving collision areas on the
trampolines, and if you miss by a fraction you fall back to the bottom.

3 3 3

Average game. Overall average.

3 4 3

Another jumping game but with a good trampolines.

3 4 2

A really nice looking game with atmospheric music. I was unsure what I had to do and sometimes
the trampolines were hard to spot, or non-trampoline features in the walls looked like
trampolines which meant I was aiming for the wrong things.

5 5 5

Damn hard level already from the beginning. I had really fun playing and I give it a try over and
over again. Sounds, graphics, physics, dialogues and story - everything there. Perfect!

4 4 2

Nice atmosphere.

3 4 3

I really liked your game: the music and atmosphere were really uplifting and I liked the use of
the theme: the character art, sounds and the little speech bubbles really added to the mood of
the experience. The game mechanics were quite fun too: challenging, but not so much that I gave
up. I managed to get to the tardis :).

3 4 3

The loading screen at the beginning took a lot of time to finish loading. tide pods

3 3 3

I really couldn't pay attention to the story because I was trying to play the game. Air
acceleration made the platforming really monotonous. Good job for a first game though

2 1 2

I was completely confused by this entry, the obvious premade assets, the confusing dialog and
backgroud, the fact that this pretty much relates nothing to the challenge, ill pass on this.