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Noobish Python coders trying to do something cool. Hopefully we will finish in time :)


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m0dem 2014/05/14 14:34
Intro Screenshot
m0dem 2014/05/14 14:33

Diary Entries

Day 2

We have the story mostly drawn up and we started programming. We have the sound engine done and the menu and we have setup most of the basic components.

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My First Diary Entry by M0dem

Welcome, since beardog's diary entry, I have learned how to use basic JSON and I added a Player module where you login. Just today, I fixed some bugs in it and added a bit of a story line to it, next I'm hoping to add Base and Shop modules. In your guy's opinion, do you think we'll finish in time? -M0dem

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I didn't finish in time.

Well, hello guys and I'm here to tell you I didn't dedicate enough time to the week for my game. I'm hoping to learn PyGame before next PyWeek so hopefully I'll have better results next time. If anyone has any suggestions of if I should learn PyGame or something else please comment below or catch me on the #pyweek chat (Thanks!). If you want to see the code I did then please comment below, thanks, bye :). -M0dem