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4 5 3

Nice game, i really like the graphics :)

3 5 3

Visually, I just have to say, wow. The graphics and the graphic effects are just amazing. Unfortunately, what frustrated me in this game was the difficulty. At first, I needed several tries to adjust myself to the physics. Usually in platformers you don't have realistic jumping and you can move mid-air, but in this game you can't, and I needed some time to adjust myself to that. I died a lot, of course. Then it was those annoying 6 spikes jumps, which either managed to do it as if it were easy or failed miserably, I'm not exactly sure why. Died and restarted more. If it weren't for the graphics, I would have given up at that point, but I kept going. Level 2 was ok, the only issue was that it took me a while to realize that that little gap you didn't need to jump through (and hit some green guy), but that's not a problem. I had a problem with Level 3, I just couldn't get from the first lever to the second lever fast enough without getting stuck inside the second part and dying, and after some tries it was that point that made me give up. This game would have probably been great if it weren't so hard, I really wanted to see the ending, and based on the screenshots I probably missed out on a lot of fun and innovation (maybe it deserves more), but what can I do if I just can't pass the third level? Probably if I had gotten more used to it, I would have done better. I felt the physics were a bit too bouncy also, which made it even harder to control - touch a wall and you lose vertical velocity. Maybe the game would have been better if you had used your own physics rather than ODE. Another thing that made me curious, what the heck was that narration at the end of the music? :P

3 5 2

Very pretty game, but slightly too easy to die, and thus frustrating. Can't mark highly for innovation as what I saw was Super Mario with a Persian motif. Was PyODE really necessary here?

3 3 3

Graphics were awesome, so were the player controls. I like simple controls, and this game was simple. I kept flying through the walls and outside the level, though.

3 5 3

Beautiful graphics and animation. Some fun points were deducted due to unexpected collision
detection (the air above Devika's forehead seems to collide with the Thwomps and having to
start the level from the beginning when you die. Encountered a bug where I fell through a wall
once, and off the map.

2 4 2

Art was very nice, but controlling Devika felt awkward and I got frustrated dying over and over on the first level and having to start again every time.

2 5 1

Quite polished, but just another platformer. Disturbing 8-bit-like sounds!

1 1 1 yes

pyweek/CS-L$ python
Fatal Python error: (pygame parachute) Segmentation Fault

4 5 4

Beautiful platformer!

2 4 1

The best, the graphics

3 5 3

Had some pretty annoying sections, and still haven't finished it. GREAT graphics and game design, but floaty hard to control character physics and not enough checkpoints bring it down.

2 4 1

Old arcade game, but lot of production!

4 5 3

looks really nice with shader, slick intro and graphics all around. couldn't get past the light puzzle though.

4 5 3

Nice job with the game! Wow, the graphics are just beautiful. The music is extremely relaxing
and conducive to the setting, and I like the parallaxed background quite a bit. The
physics-based system is a lot of fun, though it's a bit touchy when she seems to bounce
sometimes, and she doesn't always grab ropes when I think she should. Even so, it's a lot of fun
to play around with, and the wall-jumps are fun (is that intentional? it feels like it could
almost be glitchy).

I had fun with the levels -- the dark level was appropriately ominous and engaging, though I got
stuck on the lightswitch-puzzle. Checkpoints could have helped, as well as being able to save
progress (or at least skip to a level).

All told, well done on the game! I'm /extremely/ impressed to see a shader-supported game of
this production quality done in a week -- you guys showcased some serious talent here, and I'm
really quite impressed. Congrats!

3 4 3

Really cute graphics.

3 4 2 yes

<p>Had to debug it and add glScale=glScalef to make it work (so, DNW rating). Also after that found several bugs where devika got embedded into a wall and carried away. So production is not "exceptional" (lack of debugging substracts from production)

<p>Anyway, it is a nice puzzle/platformer (although a bit standard). Graphics are cute, of course, and intro music is nice too. It is a bit frustrating to start over when I quit (or when the game crashes)

4 4 3

Great graphics in particular. Was fun to play, although fairly buggy.

2 4 3

Nice visuals. Smooth animation.
You should give more air control, because jumps are long and prone to colide with nasties.
Autosave ?
Two times the player pawn managed to sneak intro solid areas.
Tile borders flickers (when moving) between normal color and a more light color. ( mapping for some games, I workarounded this type of effect making the texture a little more big than the poligon. Or it can be a z-fight 1 pixel wide )
geforce 6600 here, windows.
No support for the shaders you want, tells your app.

3 5 3

Very nice graphics, fitting sounds. Gameplay is a bit boring after a while. Some other enemies/hostile objects would have been nice.

3 5 3

Loved the look and feel of the game, the intro was cool, and so were all the sfx. Good job. It would be nice to get a heads up on the goals and how far we are, or some infoe at least. I realize though thats more than feasable in the amount of time we had, but if you wre to push it further, just a suggestion.

3 3 2

With a few instructions this would be a lot more fun - ie how to crawl across the ropes etc

Good work!

5 5 5

It starts off a little slow and dull but the mechanics start to get interesting later. Having to restart every time you bump something is annoying. Adding checkpoints or health would help to resolve that. Great game.

3 5 3

Nice graphics! Nice intro, Nice music.

2 4 3 yes

I guess I have an older version of ode. Sorry. Not going to waste my time installing.

File "gamelib/world/", line 316, in create_self
self.dynamics_geom = ode.GeomCapsule(self.dynamics_space, radius=radius, length=length)
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'GeomCapsule'

3 3 3 yes

Gets through the intro screen and then crashes out. Output:

archwyrm@alien:~/downloads/pyweek7/littlest_goddess$ python
trying fullscreen

ODE INTERNAL ERROR 2: colliders array not initialized in dCollide()

Relevant versions:
littlest goddess 1.0.2
ode 0.10.0-3
pyode 1.2.0

This is on GNU/Linux, of course.

2 3 3

This game has a lot going for it, but I'm afraid it's got a few things that make it a bit horrifying to play. The graphic sprites are great and the sounds are pretty nice. The controls felt a bit floaty, though, and the physics didn't really work that well. Also there were a lot of graphical artifacts which detracted from the otherwise very neat-looking graphical style. Somehow feels like this could've been really great if you would've been less ambitious. :D

5 5 4

My favorite so far. I love platformers, so that already gave it some advantage from the start. Then when I played the first level, I thought well, quite standard platformer, with nice vector gfx and a somewhat odd grainy shader over the background. However, this first impression soon changed, the music and different lighting effects give it an incredible atmosphere. And the puzzles are really clever (well, just so that except one - that hidden rope near the lever which makes the ground below you break away - I was able to solve them) and the difficulty of the jumps is really well balanced.

Only critics I could possibly have, but they are tiny compared to the praise, is no support for cursor keys (playing this with the left hand and WASD was quite an extra challenge), and somewhat course controls.. e.g. it sometimes seemed random whether I could grab a rope in mid-air or not. Also the theme is only woven into the story and artwork.. but given this theme I can't blame you for that.

2 4 2

The game was gorgeous. The atmosphere amazing. The gameplay, well, annoying. Something Robot Toast had from the last pyweek that made it amazing is the checkpoint feature. So you get past one part, and it's gone. In this, you get past one part, and you get killed by the next. It's an endless cycle if trial and failure. I couldn't get past the third level, and I lost interest.

2 4 2

Honestly, this is a frustrating game, the physics seem very erratic for how simple they are, and dying is annoying, especially early on when you're still exploring the game. On the other had it is well produced, good graphics and music.

3 4 3

I love the artwork! I did fall through the floor a couple of times though :/ and the big crushy things are annoying when you die from just touching them. Other than that it's pretty good :)