PyWeek - CAVE SQUAD - feedback

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Note: I had to fix a circular dependency to play your game.

Now this is a crowd with low standards! I don't know what to do but I kind of like it, actually. I
wish there was a bit more of guidance. Maybe the stuff that you output to the terminal should be
in-game? I definitely like the idea though, it's kind of like trying to reverse engineer the
game. But the way that it was implemented makes it too difficult for me to figure it out, so it was
hard for me to progress at all unfortunately.

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Apparently, I'm just a naturally gifted musician. The crowd just can't get enough.

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Audience did not appreciate my keyboard-mashing. ;) A tutorial level with examples would
have been helpful.

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Cool idea, but I couldn’t really figure out if there was a real skill needed … I wanted to
understand more about how to keep the crowd at bay (play the worst music possible) … best
strategy seemed to be to play random combinations of chromatic intervals up high at varying
rhythms … please post gameplay video of top game performance, or explain how to actually win at
this game.

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It seems like there is a really great idea in here but I couldn't seem to grasp how to make much
progress. I liked the overall idea and the free-form guitar playing but giving the player some
kind of indication of when and what to play would really help. For instance, you could have a
tune or a rhythm to keep to and then intersperse it with sections where you can improvise. I'm
interested to see where you could take the game.

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I had to hack the source to get it to work. But I'm glad I succeeded, because I wanted to see your
first Python game.

I thought the premise had potential for fun. The layout of the keys for notes was good and easy,
and shift key was a nice addition. But no matter how badly I played I could not repel the crowd of
people from getting up in my personal space! My bad notes sometimes stunned them, but they just
kept marching forward and I got mobbed! I would have wished for an easy and hard mode, maybe; so I
could more clearly see on easy mode the stronger effect of my hatchet job on the guitar. Still,
it was a fun if short game. :) Congrats on your pyweek.

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innovative idea, but I could not figure out what 'bad music' I should play to keep the people
away.... they seem to be moving anyway. I had some trouble running it because of the circular
imports (I fixed it by hacking it)!

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You really risked a DQ by clearly adding features and game stuff on the Sunday, rather than just
small bug fixes and packaging.

Idea isn't bad, but there's too little obvious feedback between the sounds played and the
crowd reposnse, which makes the game unfun.

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I think they must be wearing earplugs. Nothing I do seems to be bad enough to affect them much.

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\Super Wicked Sick Nasty Radical Guitar Game\fgg\", line 28
print(str(x+off) + OCTAVE[ind], end=" ") ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax

1 1 1 yes

Traceback (most recent call last): File
"C:/Users/TJ/Desktop/Super-Wicked-Sick-Nasty-Radical-Guitar-Game/Super Wicked
Sick Nasty Radical Guitar Game/", line 1, in import fgg.__main__ File
"C:\Users\TJ\Desktop\Super-Wicked-Sick-Nasty-Radical-Guitar-Game\Super Wicked
Sick Nasty Radical Guitar Game\fgg\", line 9, in from fgg import game File
"C:\Users\TJ\Desktop\Super-Wicked-Sick-Nasty-Radical-Guitar-Game\Super Wicked
Sick Nasty Radical Guitar Game\fgg\", line 5, in from fgg import draw File
"C:\Users\TJ\Desktop\Super-Wicked-Sick-Nasty-Radical-Guitar-Game\Super Wicked
Sick Nasty Radical Guitar Game\fgg\", line 3, in from fgg.general import * File
"C:\Users\TJ\Desktop\Super-Wicked-Sick-Nasty-Radical-Guitar-Game\Super Wicked
Sick Nasty Radical Guitar Game\fgg\", line 5, in from fgg import game
ImportError: cannot import name 'game'