PyWeek - Breakout clone - feedback

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2 3 2


2 3 1

Nice breakout clone.

2 3 1 yes

Doesn't follow the theme.

1 3 1

It's a breakout clone. It's not a bad breakout clone, but it's a breakout clone, so no

There's no attempt to connect it to the theme, which is througly disappointing, and kills the
fun score.

Very tempted to DQ this entry because of the lack of connection with the theme, but I'll let it

3 3 2

Looked good, ran well, didn't get the link to the theme.

3 3 2

It's exactly what the name suggests a Breakout clone. Not sure how it connects with the theme.

2 3 1

More than anything, the game feels very sluggish. The paddle moves slowly, the ball moves
slowly, the bricks break slowly. The only challenge appears if I get distracted and can't
physically catch up to the ball because my paddle's too slow. The music was pleasant at first,
but it quickly got grating. Repetitive droning is fine, but make sure to vary things up every
30-60 seconds at least. Add a couple new pitch-shifted tracks so it's playing a major triad or
something. The sound effects were maddening as fuck though. You chose to play a major sixth
between the brick sound and the paddle sound, and that's an interval that begs to be resolved
(you were playing F, Ab, needed to resolve to Db). Bugs: On some runs (from launch-ball to
death) the ball would consistently get stuck on the edge of the paddle. Eventually this led to
it being impossible to get any angle on the ball and it just bounced vertically ad infinitum.
Before I finished the first level, specifically when I broke one of the bricks on the left, the
game loaded up a different level, with a bunch of purple blocks on the bottom, the whole level
arranged like an arch with a couple blocks in the middle. That didn't seem intentional.

2 3 1 yes

Games should at least attempt to incorporate the theme of the challenge, but otherwise this is
a solid entry.

3 3 3

good! the speed is a little slow i think...

3 3 1

A decent, if rather slow-paced, Breakout clone. I don't know how it relates to the theme, but
I'll overlook that.

3 4 1 yes

Pretty nice looking, clean breakout clone. Plays a bit slow though for my liking. Didn’t
attempt to address the pyweek theme at all.

3 3 2

As a simple breakout clone it was quite nice. The only problem this game has, is the control of
the paddle which is one of the most important parts of such games. If it would be possible to
control it with the mouse or at least simply change the keyboard keys within the game (not
everyone has an English layout where x and z are next to each other) then it would be much better.
Also the instructions are shown a bit to short, it may be better to show the highscore in a
separate menu screen and make it available through a shortcut key.

2 2 2

Like you admit it's a clone but it's even your first game. I have nothing more to say. I vote two
and not for the disqualification just for encouraging yourself. Next time I would like to see
something adherent to the theme (and not copied of course). :)

3 2 2

For a first pygame and a first pyweek this was pretty impressive. I never thought a single note
could sound so interesting, but due to lots of clever modulations you pulled that off. I am sad
that I can't give you higher marks. There isn't really room for "extra points for effort" in
this competition. But be of good cheer, this was a great first showing. With only a little
effort here or there this could be a very decent breakout game. I hope you';; add to it and post it
on Thanks for playing, you are essential to the fun of pyweek! :)