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4 3 5

I really liked this game. It is a neat twist on Sokobhan.I liked the "diagonal" movement where
you can drag things in a direction that you wouldn't normally expect. It creates some very neat
puzzles. The level design progression works very well. Good job.

3 2 3

I enjoyed it, but as a puzzle game it was a little too easy - only the last of the "family pack"
levels was really a test. A little more original artwork would have made it feel like a more
engaging game.

4 4 4

I liked it! Simple "Traffic Jam" style puzzle game. The innovation: you're trapped inside the
puzzle and you can only move blocks you can touch. You need to touch the purple box! I liked the
rough art style, I liked the puzzles. Gameplay got maybe a little same-y, but it didn't really
wear out its welcome. A success!

4 4 4

no sound nor music? nice sokoban clone

4 2 3

I had to look into the code to figure out, how to control the game (the important e-key) I like the
way you managed, to put the theme into this sokobanish type of game. I like puzzles and I had
quite some fun with yours. Thanks. :)

3 3 3

The game works correctly, without bugs. It maybe misses a bit more to make it more original and
entertaining, but the puzzles are enjoyable.

4 3 3

It’s refreshing to play a game with nothing but two source files that is actually playable and
fun. I quite enjoyed the puzzles. First couple were quite easy but then this led into the family
puzzles well, which were harder. I think you neglected to tell the player how to let go of the
boxes … after much key mashing I found it was the E key.

4 4 3

Very nice game :)

4 3 3

A nice simple game. The controls aren't very obvious, though.

4 3 3

I loved it. Simple but challenging. Decent puzzle difficulty, and variety of boards to solve.
If you had added some bling it would have boosted this into the stratosphere.

2 3 3

I played all the maps.

3 3 3

Cool! I don't think the in game instructions mention that you press e to drop a box, and there
isn't a readme in the .zip so I actually had to look at the source to figure out how to play. Other
than that, fun.

1 1 1 yes

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 238, in boxes = [Box([b[0], b[1]],
b[2], b[3], b[4]) for b in lev[1]] File "", line 76, in __init__ for i in range(0,
length, 1): TypeError: range() integer end argument expected, got float.