PyWeek - Bottle of awesome - feedback

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3 3 3

Nice work making a finished game. I liked the twist in the plot when you had to escape. Made me
smile. I appreciated that you did the art work for it, but I would have given you a higher
production score if you had included music (midi doesn't work well on mac or linux) and sound.
My other gripes were that the collision boxes were too big and it was difficult to move around.
Making them smaller would have reduced the "WTF I hit THAT?" moments. Overall, a great entry!
Look forward to seeing more games from you in the future.

2 2 3

Not bad.

3 3 2

I like the quirky story and the level progression is nice. The gameplay is rather boring
("avoid stuff") and the collision detection is not very well implemented.

4 4 3

level restart after a death is a bit too fast

4 4 4

In my opinion your game is one of the best. It is balance, finished (or almost finished), fun,
innovative. Looks like you were good at planing instead of just focusing in one matter. Great
work :)

3 3 3

Nice puzzle game - the mechanics of the water cloud are interesting and the gameplay works.
Minor portability niggle with the case of a couple of filenames.

4 3 2

Cool, a complete game!

1 1 1 yes

Did not work on my Ubuntu. I could not proceed with playing with game after the initial screen.

2 2 3

The collision didn't match the sprites. I liked the music (except it didn't loop quite
perfect). The liquid graphics worked surprisingly well. I would have liked more complicated

3 2 3

I think some of the tiles had invisible edges, and the game was bounded by invisible walls. This
made it difficult.

2 3 2

Full working game, need to improve collisions. But you should work on the story.

1 1 1 yes

Does not work on case sensitive filesystems Could not load:

1 1 1

The largest bottle ever.

1 3 2

Cut scenes are so bad that they are awesome. True indie game spirit.

3 4 4

nice game

3 2 2

Nice little game although it could get a little more polish.

2 2 2

it runs