PyWeek - Team Rainbow - feedback

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3 3 2

Ponies! Lots and lots of running around. Pity the enemies version was so buggy.

1 4 3

The game has potential, but the lack of combat and missing interaction options
mean that it is purely a game of walking back and forth, which is a little
boring. With combat hooked up and some more depth to the missions, it should
be quite fun.

4 4 4

Lovely graphics and good gameplay. I like!

2 4 2

Without combat there's no game here. But what you've accomplished so far is wonderful.

2 4 3


2 5 2

How in holy hell did you make this in a week?? I was playing it for a bit, but then I hit the esc key
thinking that it would get me out of the inventory and it ended the game. It would have been nice
if there was a confirmation dialog for that mistake I made.

3 2 2

A bit too ambitious for a pyweek game, I think. The missing bits would probably make it more interesting, but without them it's just a tedious slog through a series of mazes with a little bit of storyline and a bunch of repetitive NPCs. Also, I got stuck in a neverending conversation loop at the end of the final level. Is that supposed to happen?

3 5 4

Amazing amount of content. Clearly not finished, but wow. So many attack animations,
enemies. So much dialog- I don't think anyone every said the same thing to me twice (unless I'd
just talked to them)- always commented on the new weather or whatever. The pony theme isn't
really my cup of tea (tea isn't either), but it's great to a good true rpg framework for it. You
really should finish the game. I think there are a lot of people who never get exposed to games
because there aren't many that have ponyish themes and solid gameplay/mechanics.
Especially great dialog, sprites.

4 5 3

Great work!I had to do an effort to stop playing and continue voting the rest of the games :-)

2 4 3

Nice graphics and sound. Missing game play (and lots of walking) Made it less fun than it might have been. I checked out the fights and it looks like they would have completely changed the game had you got them working. Perhaps a good game to work on for Pyggy?

2 5 3

This is a really impressive start for a week's worth of work. I hope that you decide to keep working on it after pyweek.

3 4 4

This game is going to be excellent when it's finished! A few implementation glitches at the moment: Inventory doesn't seem to work (not implemented yet?). Can be difficult to line up with doors well enough to get through them. Text looks badly scaled.

3 5 2

Wow, that is an impressive amount of content! Very well executed. I can't give you a very high innovation score because I feel like the theme was "tacked on" to the game about ponies that you decided you were going to make before the competition started. It's *almost* a good enough game without the combat. I feel like if you could have implemented just a little bit more gameplay, it would have felt complete even without the RPG aspects.

5 4 4

you needed to put as a final.

3 4 3

good work

2 4 2

The game does not run under linux because of an issue with caps in the graphics filenames; easily fixable with the following command, in the data/graphics directory:

for img in *.png ; do mv $img `echo $img | sed -e 's/^./\U&/' ` ; done

Beside that, it is a shame that you weren't able to finish the game, since it looks nice.

2 4 1

+ notable efforts in production and style
- too much walk and BLAH BLAH BLAH

2 4 3

Wow. This is an ambitious project for pyweek, and for two people! Your final version is very polished, only lacking the fights and shops. I'd love to play the finished game.

2 4 3 yes

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Couldn't open /home/senthil/Downloads/PyWeek-12-finals/pyweek/data/graphics/Rosewind.png

3 5 3

Nice Potential but didn't see the link to Nine Times and no actual combat going on.

1 3 1

Well it didn't exactly not work, but i couldn't open my inventory, and it kept on going on about monster that didn't exist add that.

If i have time latter in the week i will try the with fights version, but from the first 30 seconds or so it just seems to be Pokemon were you cant do anything but mash enter to make it end.

4 5 3 yes

$ python
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After renaming all your case problems I got to play the game. I gotta say, this is a pretty fantastic start. I'm impressed by the amount you were able to complete within the week. Adventure games are serious business in terms of how much content you have to produce.

5 5 5

1 1 1 yes

Doesn't work. Error:

Cannot load image: ~/Blaz/pyweek/data/graphics/Rosewind.png
Couldn't open ~/Blaz/pyweek/data/graphics/Rosewind.png

2 4 3

Beautiful graphics. Pity there weren't any enemies...