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4 4 3

A butt-sniping good time. You're presented with a picture of wildlife. "Shoot" the butts,
avoid the eyes. After a couple levels a crazy song plays. Short and sweet, kind of repetitive
but it's not long enough to become really tiresome. One of the better entries this time!

5 5 4

this was fun.

2 2 4

Maybe I'm too old for butt humor, I don't know. :) I like the twisted meaning of the theme and I
think the concept is worked out consistently. The song is really cool and it is the part of the
game, that made me smile the most. Technically the game frustrated me a little, cause the red
eye count down is much to fast in my opinion and it didn't even stop between the levels during the

3 4 3

Really funny, but it does not feel like something I would present like a real game. The music and
the subject is incredible.

3 4 4

Probably the weirdest pyweek game I think I’ve ever player (in a really good way). Loved the
song! I pretty sure I was crying with laughter at some point.

4 3 3

Campy. For some reason my camera's red eye removal quit, and all I got was negatives. :D

4 3 5

Very nice that you did not automatically resort to a lot of dependencies. It's nice when a game
is easy to run. Great interpretation of the theme.

2 4 2

I completed the game of butt shooter. I'm proud.

5 3 4

That was a topkek for me, guys. Well done.

1 4 3 yes

it has nice graphics its not too fun in my opinion But The Rules say "You MUST include a
README.txt which at a minimum indicates:" I downloaded both of the final files and looked
through all the folders and couldn't find one

3 2 5

I don't know what I just played. I'm not sure I would play it again. But it changed me.

3 3 4

This game is alright. Pretty funny, not as fun but innovative.

4 4 3

Hahahaha pretty hilarious!