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Mat 2010/08/29 09:30

Diary Entries

DNF: Postmortem of our entry

I left it a bit late to start programming (saturday morning), so I didn't get to finish this entry before the deadline :(

The idea was that the player would be caught doing something or other at the beginning of the game and thrown in the dungeon, and then you can walk around and interact with the objects you find in a futile attempt to escape.

I was really annoyed I couldn't get something playable, because Cav did some great writing and music and it could have been quite fun. The main problem was I had no idea how to use the curses library, and couldn't find any examples that showed the correct way of doing things. Also, I realised like an hour before the deadline that no one who uses windows would be able to play the game, but whatever. If their operating system isn't appropriate for modern gaming then I can hardly be blamed for that.

I was also a bit confused about how we would get sound into a text based game. It looks like pyglet could have done what I wanted if I hooked all my stuff into its event loop, but all the functions to get input within curses block until a key is pressed, so it wouldn't have worked. I guess I would need to have a multi-threaded application running two event loops. Has anyone dealt with this problem before?

Here's a screenshot of the game as it is now: