First screenshot, check out the cool graphics

Balloon frenzy

Fly through the skies!


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First screenshot, check out the cool graphics
graner 2007/04/01 20:38

Diary Entries

Day 1

Alright, first day over and the game is progressing pretty well. I have a bunch of great ideas and i hope they are all working in the end. For now the only working feature is that a bird can hit your balloon (which is like not good)

The screenshot is a raw picture of what the game will be. Worrying about graphics later. (The white thingey is a bird btw:)

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Here we go!

Hello everyone! This is my first "real" thing i've done with python so I'm just trying to create a fun, simple game that I hope you will enjoy. :) So about the game idea. Basically player will be flying a balloon through the skies and perform all kinds of awesome activities, more info coming up as the project continues! ;)

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