PyWeek - Two Wolds Project - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
1 1 2

Sorry, just don't quite get it. Not very intuitive. Instructions might help.

4 4 5

cool story and game idea

2 2 2

Not a game.

2 3 4

Interesting storyline. I like meta. The idea behind the mechanics was very interesting but
mostly I found it frustrating. It was just a matter of swiping to the side as fast as possible. I
think if there was more reaction-based avoidance it could have been pretty fun.

3 2 4

Interesting idea, but the game mechanic was unrelated to the story. I found it hard to follow
the story or read the font (especially as it faded to red).

5 4 5

Very interesting.

2 3 3

Nice game, but I didn't see much of a creative gameplay, nor an workable storyline.

1 2 3

Unreadable font. Twisted plot.

1 1 1

Not sure what to make of this. Avoiding tumbling letters while having a story told to you is sort
of game-ish. Nice music.

4 3 4

I win! \o/ That was about the most unusual game I've ever played. The satirical writing was
great, that's what made the game. Thanks. :)

2 3 4

Cool and strange self-referential thing: I like the start how it tells me I’m almost already
dead. The story didn’t really make much sense to me, and it was insanely difficult to avoid. In
fact to get to the end I had to hack the game by commenting out line 145 in The music
was cool and I liked the artwork.

2 2 4

Difficult to read, clever premise.

1 4 2

i lost the game

2 3 4

It was an interesting idea i guess. I just put my mouse at the bottom of the screen and then moved
it out of the way. Not really challenging or fun but I think it deserves an average

2 3 2

The gameplay got repetitive fast, move the mouse cursor enough and you will go off screen and
all the letters will stop tracking. The game is too disconnected from the theme and there was no
real reason to it.