PyWeek - Woody Tigerbaum's Interplanetary Package Delivery (Big Dice Games - PW4) - feedback

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4 3 4

this was a really fun game to play with a lot of replay value

4 2 4

I spent nearly 45 minutes trying to beat this game. Good job.

5 5 5

This would actually make a really fun party game :)

4 4 3


4 3 5

Wow this was a cool idea, I am very jealous you came up with such a cool concept! It was pulled off very well, the vector graphics are cool, the enemies have pretty good AI, and the whole golf-style thing is awesome. I really liked that you incorporated physics into the planets. Good job overall.

3 2 4

I think making the little moons objects to avoid rather than stepping stones would have made the game more fun and challenging. The idea is good though.

4 5 4

In space no one can hear you putt.

2 3 3

the idea is great, but I think less (of the planets) would have been more. it makes the levels so
much trial - also the zooming looks good, so why not waaay bigger leves with way less planets (=>
more space between planets)

4 4 4

Great idea, great intro, great game. The messages between levels are fun.

5 4 4

Simple idea, well executed, and a lot of fun -- well done!

4 4 5

Very original idea and presentation! One of my favourites...

4 4 4

Loved the opening cut scene. Clean consistent art, and fun gravity golfing!

5 5 4

This is a very impressive single developer game. I love the old school look and feel, and the game is pretty addicting. It seemed after a while however that there wasn't much new you could do per level, as it was just a bunch of obstacles in the way of the objective planet, but otherwise good work.

5 4 5

My favorite so far! I love physics games, and this one was very well executed. Reminds me a lot of the Flash game from 321 Penguins! where you had to launch Kevin back to his space-ship. However, I liked the improvement made to make it more like golf, where you can land on intermediate planets and weigh the risks of a safe route vs. a riskier (but potentially fewer strokes) map. The creative graphics system was amazing as well -- I was very impressed to not find bitmaps in your data directory. You get major props for doing something that out of the ordinary in such a short amount of time. Well done!

4 4 3

Nifty. Took me a little while to figure out what was going on, even with the tutorial. Turned out to be pretty fun though.

5 4 4

Nice job.

4 4 3

Nice "golf in space" game. ;-) The implementation of the theme is questionable, but I get the point, so it's ok, I think. I loved the intro. I though it was really funny.

2 3 2

+1: the story
-1: no music
-1: gameplay could be boring

5 4 4

This is my favorite game! Very fun to play with a friend or two :) More levels, some background music, interesting single player and play over the net is things you could improve, but I like it alot.

4 3 3

Nice intro. Fun gameplay.

4 4 4

This game was fun and I think it met the goal of being interplanetary gravity golf. I wish you could "see" the gravity before taking a shot though.

4 4 4

Great game, great concept!
What's missing (in order of categories): ranking board, a connection to the theme, music.

4 3 3

I enjoyed the game quite a bit, after coming back to it. A couple of criticisms of technical things:

1. Mouse is jerky in the menus.

2. Difficulty can be a little bit hard sometimes.

3. The moving power thing is hard to see on LCD monitors. It needs to be brighter or bigger or move slower or something.

Aside from this, I found myself just firing a shot and watching it go around and around - in essence, making my own entertainment from the game. All in all a good game. Thanks for your participation in pyweek!

4 5 5

I was busy some time to beat all 18 levels - Good work with this nice game!

4 4 5

Nice game. Fun to play.. very innovative idea. :)

4 3 4

I played this with my brother during easter, human versus human. We both enjoyed the game quite a bit. It's a lot of fun to try stunning trajectories to make it to your goal. Cool!

The graphics are very simple, but everything surrounding it is polished. The game concept is also nice - sort of an interplanetary golf, something I hadn't seen before. Nice also that there is a windows version. I'm happy with Linux, but my brother is a windows geek and he only tried those games he could install with minimum hassle, so this extra effort was appreciated.

One issue that did bother me is that the mouse button to launch is also the mouse button to abort the whole launch mid-way. Only after a few very frustrating "why is everything reset? what happened?" did we figure out what was going on. I think this isn't helped by the touch-pad of the laptop we were using, which can generate mouse clicks as well. It would be very nice if this could somehow be fixed.

Another issue is that we kept getting confused as to whose turn it was. Often my brother did my shots and I did his. This should be made a lot more clear.

4 3 4

great fun game. i finished it. i dont know if this is innovation or not, as i made a very similar golf like star travel game not a month ago, but i really like the finish this game has and the green future style.

4 4 2

Pretty nice game if a little hard and repetitive.

5 3 4

Very fun to play. Planetary frisbee golf with gravity. Some more artwork (vector graphics were nice back in the 1970's), and some music would have put the game over the top.

4 4 4

Very nice all rounder: old-skool gravity game, new twists, nice tongue-in-cheek style. Can't go wrong. Ace. :)

4 3 3

A moderately entertaining game. I like the sound effects, and the graphics are stylish in
their own way, but I would've probably enjoyed more realistic graphics more. As a suggestion,
NASA imagery is generally not copyrighted, and that would probably provide a good starting
point for the style of a game like this. The gameplay is ok, and there's a good balance between
taking risks or playing it safe. On the other hand, the core might be a bit too simple. Sometimes
the effect of gravity is a bit too unpredictable, and the game could be spiced up with
characters with special abilities, for example.

3 3 4

I think this is a nice golf variant.

4 2 3

I had fun with this game. I liked the facts, and working with the gravity.

4 2 4

Great idea. A 3D version would be very fitting. Love the gravity and the intro "movie"

5 4 4

Great fun. Like miniature golf but in space :) One of my favourite entries.<br>Very clean and nice looking graphics as well

3 4 3

Wow, looks very polished. I love the intro and the retro look.

3 3 4

Mostly harmless

5 4 3

Very good game...I will totally come back and finish all the levels :)
Also nice humor with the facts...An all around good game...

BTW - Made it crash:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 306, in ?
File "", line 256, in main
File "", line 162, in wrappedMain
File "", line 72, in handleKey
File "fsmMgr.pyo", line 45, in handleKey
File "stateLevelScore.pyo", line 124, in handleKey
File "stateLevelScore.pyo", line 131, in done
File "fsmMgr.pyo", line 31, in pushState
File "stateAim.pyo", line 48, in init
AttributeError: StateLevelScore instance has no attribute 'physicsObjects'

4 5 3

Fun. Gravity games never get old. Like the way you've set it up as well. The pars are a bit wonky,
but I don't pay much attention to them anyway. I found judging the power to be quite tough. I like
the way you can land on planets/astroids, and moons are quite cool. The gravity seems a bit
unphysical - it feels like escape velocity is a bit low.

3 2 4

It's a great idea to use the gravitational forces. Some graphics for the planets would have been fine.

4 4 3

Cool game! Liked the graphics, and the "fun facts" :)

Though the computer took 44 tries to complete level 27. Up until that point, we were pretty equal.

2 3 3

Not really that fun, Ok graphics.

2 3 4

I like that the game is fairly original, and the production was decent, but the game wasn't
terribly fun, especially when you miss and the thing takes a big long loop around and comes back
30 seconds later. By the way, it ran fine in openSuse 10.2.