opponents now only detect squad members within a cone of vision

Team Big Dice Games

Yet another team of one.

Yet another first time PyWeek participant.

Previous BDG productions include "Infection Wars", from a LD48 competition. And numerous projects that I never got around to completing.


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opponents now only detect squad members within a cone of vision
tsmaster 2006/09/05 03:55
Screenshot of a playable game! The game ends if any member of your squad is tagged. It doesn't yet detect if the entire squad has left the map, but that's next.
tsmaster 2006/09/05 00:12
Squad members can now exit the level through goal locations
tsmaster 2006/09/04 20:08
opponents now can determine sightlines
tsmaster 2006/09/04 18:41
first pass of enemies (pink) with patrol paths (not shown) are in
tsmaster 2006/09/04 17:22
you can now issue orders to your squad
tsmaster 2006/09/04 16:00
Drawing 4 people on the screen, with a marker
tsmaster 2006/09/04 03:02

Diary Entries


I must have miscounted - the contest started 24 hours earlier than I expected. Nuts.

Fortunately, I've got three separate game ideas that I've been toying with under this heading:

  • Codename AHDN - realtime squad action game
  • Codename Noir Room - puzzle based room mystery
  • Codename Crop Circle - Haven't figured out a mechanic for this yet.

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Additional Idea

Codename Dikkens: A retro approach to a mystery story

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Decided on a direction (for now)

Going to go with codename AHDN, at least for now. It resembles a game I wanted to make, anyway, so it's worth screwing around with.

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First Playable!

I've reached a build that's actually playable - I can win or lose the game now. There's much that remains to be added, including angle of vision on the opponents, dialog boxes, music, menus, splash screens, the store interface, the "weapon" system, and savegames.

But you know, not so bad for a day's work.

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Line Count, end of Monday

E:\dev\PyWeek3\Dev>wc *.py
  137   178  3022 bandMember.py
    7    21   121 behavior.py
   44    69  1087 boundingBox.py
   15    14   233 commonMath.py
  466   618 11801 fan.py
   42    83   978 goal.py
   72    52  2126 loadSounds.py
  158   261  4343 main.py
   42    33   590 objectLists.py
   96   135  2029 obstacle.py
   22    39   468 soundMgr.py
 1101  1503 26798 total
If you had asked me to guess how many lines of code I had written on this today, I probably would have gone higher than this.

I expect that I won't write as much code per day during the week - in part because I won't have as much time, but also because as the project gets closer to the end, I expect to spend time replacing my OpenGL stick figure art with something more presentable.

Hm, there's even the danger that as I remove programmer (code) art and replace it with programmer (drawn) art, my lines of code will go down.

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