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3 3 3

I thought this was a very innovative game, except for your use of the theme. All you did was call the character "Wibbly-Wobbly". The story was okay, I feel like it could have made a little less random without detracting from the feel.

3 3 3

Wish this game was longer. :) Decoding the language was an interesting concept; too bad it didn't get used much. It was fun trying to figure out what was each direction. The cutscenes were fun, though for Pyweek I'd recommend working more on gameplay rather than cutscenes. The little story is nice, too. I'm only criticizing the length because I really wanted to see some more of it... :) (By the way, the connection to the theme seems vague, but I suppose you used the "wibble" part of the theme...)

4 2 3

The cutscenes were hilarious.

4 3 4

I like games featuring God.

2 3 2

not much interesting

1 3 2

Well done on incorporating cutscenes.

3 3 4

The language puzzle is an interesting idea, could be taken further. It's very tedious having to start from the beginning after making the slightest mistake, though.

2 3 3

It has a confusing story, but it's hard to see if there's a game somewhere.

3 2 3

Well, the premise here was pretty weird, and some of the dialogue made me chuckle.

The idea of the game seems interesting, but I think more of a feedback mechanism is needed to make it into a full game - as it is, I figured "wigi wak" by trial and error, then guessed the meaning of the other direction words and waltzed through. (I don't understand the point of the final room, where it turns out that God speaks your language after all, although I failed it the first time.)

Very welcome would have been something to ground me within the game in terms of progress. The first time I got the "prison" scene, it took me a while to work out that it was supposed to be a "game over", and similarly I wasn't sure that I'd finished the game after becoming king until I found the dialogue from that scene in the file "".

1 1 2

Too crazy for me...

4 1 4

I like the basic idea of having to decipher a cryptic language based on random examples and trial and error. This idea is in fact so strong that I enjoyed this game a great deal, despite it's obvious shortcomings. -1 production point for having no ties to the theme (no, naming your canine screwdriver Wibbles does not count).

4 3 3

I laughed through most of the opening dialog. How do I get past the hammers, though?

1 3 3

missing instructions?

2 3 3

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\Downloads\WWtCS-1.0\WWtCS-1.0\", line 8, in <module>
File "D:\WWtCS-1.0\pyweek\", line 16, in main
File "/home/adrian/sources/pyweek/", line 80, in AutomaticStuff
File "/home/adrian/sources/pyweek/", line 70, in event_loop
File "/home/adrian/sources/pyweek/", line 43, in run
File "/home/adrian/sources/pyweek/", line 17, in run
TypeError: quit() takes no arguments (1 given)

returns this on quitting but I could play it anyway.

5 3 4

Wow, what an enigmatic puzzle. There's something about it that really captivating. I've given up twice in frustration - only to come back a few minutes later and try again.

The first half of the game has some really memorable moments ("We don't care for gods", "God promised me ... Uh, I don't know really, but it sure wasn't this!"), which make the game appear much deeper than it actually is.

The ending seems kind of lame, though (that is, if the part where you find the note really is the ending).

PS: I was *really* tempted to disqualify this game for implementing all of the themes instead of just the one that was chosen.

3 2 4

I was annoyed at the game at first, after I read the description that the language does have some logic, the game became fun.

On the down side, it's seriously lacking in production.

2 2 3

good idea, but difficult to understand

1 2 1


2 4 3

was expecting a rpg type game.. i don't know.. but i really was confused with what was going on.. good production values though.

4 2 4

A little short but fun.

3 3 4

No music or sounds unfortunately. The game seemed well thought out, but I haven't the time to understand the mind of a screwdriver .

2 2 3 yes

I couldn't get past the level on the screenshot. I tried a few times, but starting over from the beginning was kind of frustrating. The best thing about this entry was its well integrated weirdness. I'm voting for disqualifying this entry, since it tries to cover multiple (all?) genres.

2 1 4 yes

Fucking weird, made me laugh. But where's the wibbly wobbly?

3 3 2

That was very funny to witness :D

2 2 3

Wigi hak! Mi hak wibble wobble wibbly

1 2 3

not much to add - I think I started to understand "GOD", but I was still not able to get past the two hammerdudes that get me into prison >.<

2 3 3

I ran it twice, both times sitting through the initial unskippable cutscene to be killed by some hammers :-(