PyWeek - Avidus: Those Left Behind - feedback

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3 3 4

I liked the idea of the goo. Two things for next time: 1) Say in your readme.txt how to actually
run the game. :) 2) Don't make the pace of the first level so fast and difficult that the player
doesn't have time to get into enjoying the the game.

1 1 1 yes

Playing area turns black as soon as I start to move.

4 3 5

I really liked the idea and the ambience

1 1 1 yes

Got a traceback, sorry. If I have time I'll try again.... File "avidus_0.70
final/", line 67, in start_menu font = util.find_font_by_height(32) File
"avidus_0.70 final/", line 31, in find_font_by_height font =
pygame.font.Font(name, size) IOError: unable to read font filename

3 2 4

Interesting puzzle game, but not variable enough to be worth 1000 levels.

Graphics didn't really have a coherent feel, which hurts the production score.

Collision detection often felt a bit off, and I found myself needing Ghost mode more often than
I expected.

3 4 4

nice graphic but not so funny, sorry!

4 3 5

Awesome idea -very elegant. Combined with the theme everything seems to click nicely. This is
the first game Im rating because I wanted to see it first!

3 4 3

obstacles where really a pain (why do I not advance!? oh I'm stuck again!)

3 3 3

Quite a fun game. The goo is maybe a little too deadly, but I think I can forgive it since it looks
so good.

1 1 1 yes

Looked interesting but it crashed a few seconds in
ComplexWarning: Casting complex values to real discards the imaginary part return
sigtools._convolve2d(in1,in2,1,val,bval,fillvalue) Traceback (most recent call
last): File "", line 67, in main() File "", line 48, in main playing, stats
= game.main(screen, effects, speed, level) File "/home/mat/Downloads/avidus_0.70
final/", line 205, in main hud.followers -= POWERS[action].cost NameError: global
name 'POWERS' is not defined

4 2 3

Surprisingly fun because of how oppressive the goo is, but the collision detection is dodgy
and I can never get away from the goo, so I don't feel like it's a fair fight.

2 4 3

This is very very very hard, I would say too hard.

2 3 3

First of all I loved the music, very good use of CC licensed content! Good use of the theme. It has
some bugs that make the game crash and it affected its production value :( I had to adjust the
speed, but I don't know if I did properly. Anyway the worst thing for me was the collision
detection and the obstacle placement. I got stuck too frequently, sometimes by just a pixel :(
I got to level 4 though.