PyWeek - Aranara - feedback

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2 3 3

Very glitchy physics made many puzzles very frustrating. Helium would fall through the
ground, go through blocks, randomly shoot off at extreme angles from pushers, etc.

5 5 5

Great homage to the movie, I could almost hear Kevin Spacey instructing me. A Great use of a
couple simple elements coming together to make good puzzles.

4 4 4

I really like the idea, but the controls and slightly weird physics effects (like helium
particles getting stuck inside boxes) make it less fun to play. I'm sure a little more work
could resolve both these issues, though. :-)

4 3 4

Fun little physics game. The mouse wheel control is not well suited to a laptop trackpad. and
the graphics are a bit sparse, but the concept is nice and the puzzles are interesting.

1 1 1 yes

Wouldn't start up: Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 23, in
aranara.__main__.main(options) File
"/home/roger/Downloads/aranara-0.2.3/aranara/", line 26, in main
sound.initSound(options) File
"/home/roger/Downloads/aranara-0.2.3/aranara/", line 35, in initSound
Music.lunar_t ='Spuntic_-_10_-_Lunar_Trees.mp3',
streaming=True) File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pyglet/",
line 587, in media return media.load(path, streaming=streaming) File
"/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pyglet/media/", line 1386, in
load source = _source_class(filename, file) File
"/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pyglet/media/", line 202, in
__init__ 'AVbin is required to decode compressed media') AVbin is required to decode compressed media AL
lib: ReleaseALC: 1 device not closed

4 3 4

Was a bit challenging to run, links to the dependencies would be nice, had trouble installing
pyglet, but that's no fault on your part, but I also needed to edit one of the files to run the
game. I have the impression that some files are needlessly big (~50MB of sound/music?).

3 5 5

I really really really like everything around the game, music is brilliant, graphics is
awesome and even controling the game is nice, all the details in menu etc, but...
Unfortunately the game was almost unplayable for me. The particles were sticking inside and
around the blocks, when falling from bigger altitude sometimes they even fell through the
surface... I couldn't finish most of the levels because of this. And also the fans had very
strange behavior. Anyways, still very nice (and I believe hard) job!

2 3 4

Interesting idea. The physics don't seem to work quite right – the balls keep going through
things, including the ground. Maybe the chipmunk warnings in the console have something to do
with it?

1 1 1 yes

shifu:aranara-0.2.3 leif$ python Loading chipmunk for Darwin (64bit)
[/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/pymunk/libchipmunk.dylib] 2013-09-15
13:15:06.583 Python[19575:f07] ApplePersistenceIgnoreState: Existing state will not be
touched. New state will be written to
Floating point exception: 8

1 1 1 yes AVbin is required to decode compressed media

3 4 3

The game window height is a little bit to tall for my laptop screen. Unfortunately 768 pixels is
quite common and it means any desktop/window decoration will leave you less than that for your
game. I quitted the game to see if I could run it full screen and the second time it run it crashed;
third time worked though. The smiling face window it's a little bit annoying, specially
because it hides part of the playing area and I can't find how to close it. Finally I've found
that rotating with click + drag + the wheel of the mouse is a little bit awkward. May be it's my
mouse! Love the mechanics of the game although the physics of it need some extra work. Helium
was disappearing or getting stuck in weird places and all together it made it feel like it
wasn't working properly. Despite the sharp edges this is one of the best entries of this
PyWeek. Well done!

1 1 1 yes

Started fine but then at some point it freezes and I have to kill the python process. The first
time this happened was when Gerty explains the attractor and then I restarted and got to the end
of the first level before it happened again. No errors other than loads of chipmunk warnings
Chipmunk warning: High EPA iterations: 30 Failed condition: i<WARN_EPA_ITERATIONS

4 4 4

Many of the early levels were easily solved in "interesting" ways, which means you don't
necessarily learn the mechanics that you need to learn. Scroll wheel rotation is *way* too
slow. Fast moving helium just goes through everything :(

3 4 3

"Use the mouse wheel while you are dragging." Never heard of laptops, have you? As a result I'm
mostly scoring based on the YouTube video. The game is really nicely made. It has lots going on:
many levels, different tools, etc. I don't think it's breaking ground in the physics-puzzle
department, but it's a good PyWeek entry.

4 5 5

great game, very impressed it was made in only a week! My girlfriend didn't enjoy playing it
very much but then I am the one rating it, I thought it was great.

3 5 4

This is a tough one to rate. It's a very original concept, very well produced (I listened to the
audio on the demo video), but on my system, I faced a lot of gameplay problems, maybe because my
computer is not so fast and the OS outdated. I kept getting this message on the console:
Chipmunk warning: High EPA iterations: 30 Failed condition: i<WARN_EPA_ITERATIONS
Source:chipmunk_src/cpCollision.c:286 and had a *ton* of collision issues (helium
falling through the moon, through the block, getting stuck inside the block) that do not show
in your demo video and make levels sometimes unplayable. Also, rotating the units was very
slow. After playing through the first levels I was getting addicted and really looking
forward to finishing all of the levels, but I had to give up. It was so frustrating :( Still, in
may ways one of the best entries so far.