PyWeek - Ape Bit - feedback

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Keep up the good work!

2 2 2

Didn't really tie into the theme too well. Game play left quite a bit to be desired as well.

2 2 3

The timer always started out at 1767860.0 which was confusing.

2 2 3

The pun was mildly amusing, but the conection to the theme felt very weak.

Gameplay could have used more purpose, rather than just trying for time.

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no sound theme?

2 3 1 yes

tried hard, but couldn't find the theme. "ape" ~ "eight" is too loose. gfx is nice though.

3 3 3

The game seemed somewhat incomplete.

2 3 1 yes

Not too fun I'm afraid, and definitely not innovative. The ape should do anything more than
just run. The graphics are OK (although no sound or music). I'm checking DQ because it doesn't
even try to follow the theme. Sorry guys.

1 2 2

The strange inertial movement in this game was disorienting and gave a feeling of lack of
control. Would have liked to see more sounds or music, and some better choices of colors. It
doesn't seem like you got a fully developed idea together.

1 1 1 yes

Uhm, where's the theme?

2 2 2

I feel like there should have been more to the streetlights, but I like where you were going with
the concept of "ape bit".

3 3 3


3 3 3

Simple, but effective.

I would have preferred some more variety in gameplay and an objective beyond "stay alive", but
a simple game that is complete beats a more ambitious effort that ends up unfinished.

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I don't understand in which way this game is related with the theme "8 bit", the graphic is not so
cool but maybe is the best point of this game. The gameplay is almost inexistent, by the way why
we use an ape? why there are the zombies? I don't understand. The time counter start from a very
huge number (why?) and it is completly invisible when it is on the garden. sorry, too less. :(

3 2 2 yes

Where's the theme? It's fun, it's not so original, it's not very nice graphic and doesn't have
music. But game programming isn't easy so good job!

2 2 3

You should draw also zombie sprites!

3 3 2

Zombies can be avoided running in a circle around the edge for almost any time. Has a laggy feel.

1 2 1

Not sure what was 8 bit about that either.