Caught - A Tale of Thieves and Snow

A game about 42.


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What's important...

Yesterday I sat down to think about what's important in life. The result unfortunately is that I have realized that I cannot enter this Pyweek, or any successive Pyweeks or Pyggys...

Without a mascot that is! So I quickly made one using an ancient metallic tool known only by name from what is believed to be an ancient Roman script on the package as "paperfasteners" they seem to be made out of brass, and the package claims, with BIG letters that it is "Made in Sweden". It also informs me that they are of "TOP QUALITY", which is very reassuring.

So, I took a picture of my new mascot posing in front of the back of a page of sheet music (haha in front of the back of, that's funny). Forget all I said in the previous paragraph, he is not man-made; he comes from outer space, which is proven by the alien script, known to no man, which is featured on his picture (actually it's Melin's stenography, but I seriously doubt any of you know both Melin's stenography and Swedish so it will have to do). One last detail, his name is "Pappman", which literally translates to "Cardboard man".

I can't upload his picture now though, since we aren't allowed to upload screenshots yet (I have a certain lack of other places to upload to).


Day 1, posted on day two

Day one has come to an end (actually that was about 13 hours ago), here is the report:

I have decided on a game idea, it is way to ambitious for the competition, but I thought it would be fun anyway: People trapped in a house.

Here's an outline of the plot:
1. X crooks break into a house in the middle of the winter (the winter of 2010 preferrably) it has been snowing A LOT.
2. Someone (I don't know who' supposed to do this sort of thing) creates a mini avalanche to prevent a bigger one from happening later.
3. House gets covered in snow.
4. Crooks realize they can't get out
5. Crooks realize they must call for help, thus inevitably getting CAUGHT
6. Phone seems to work
7. The authorities say they'll be there in X days
8. Crooks realize that there will be a whole lot of starvation and death going on as there isn't enough food for all of them.
9. betrayal and other mean stuff
10. The Cops arrive and arrest the survivors.

The player is one of the crooks, his job is to survive by... How shall I put this... Killing a few of the others. Problem is, that's what everybody is trying to do as well.

So how far have I come? Well, I have a menu and menu options like "information" and "credits" working.

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