PyWeek - Adjectives Fail Me - feedback

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3 3 3

Good job overall, but the levels are way too long. 4,000 points? I don't have all day! Make it harder but make the levels shorter!

3 3 3

Nice game, fun. The concept is good, I like the idea of shaking the rope to ward off bad guys. I think it made the first level much easier if you simply held the spacebar, but my strategy didn't work well in the second level since you had to get the hoops in order (that's a good thing, by the way, because you forced me to rethink my strategy). I felt that the levels were too long - seeing that I had to get 150 hoops in the first level felt a bit frustrating, and I admit feeling a slight boredom in the first level. The second level was more fun, though (but I stopped there). I had a few problems with the movement because my mouse kept getting off screen and it wouldn't recognize the movement. As for graphics, they are good, and I like the silly egyptian pose of the cyclist. Overall, nice work.

4 3 4

Definitely a fun game to play. Brings back fond memories of mini games on my gameboy.

3 3 4

A little repetitive and a little too easy. But a lot of fun nonetheless.

5 3 4

Bouncing around on the rope was really very fun.

3 3 4

Sudden death from one hit is a bit harsh, especially when enemies can appear from the side of the screen and give you no time to avoid them. Might be better if you could see them climbing up a ladder to give you some advance warning.

4 4 4

Playability feels unfinished. Nice potential and the graphics aren't bad.

3 3 3

I think something's not quite right about the controls. Maybe simple left and right keys would have worked better. (Maybe it's just an issue when using a touchpad.) But I did like the crazy setting and the constant stream of instructions.

3 4 3

simple but very effective.

1 1 1 yes

hang on menu
run on Ubuntu 9.10

3 2 3

Neat game idea! It's a bit simple, but with some more polish, it could be a fun casual game.

3 3 4

2 2 3

first level was way too long - felt like grinding. Second level (when numbered hoops appeared)
was more interesting, yet I didn't finish it, because I got bored of it, too (either because it
was too long or too difficult - I'm not sure) I liked the general idea and game mechanics,
though. If levels were shorter and offered more variety, I think I could have enjoyed this a

3 3 4

i love the movement of the rope!

4 4 3

nice arcade like game. Like the art work.. very nicely done.
The rope physics looks/feels great. Controls work very well.

4 2 3

Fun! You really need a circus tune for background music.

4 3 4

Go on line. wow. I enjoy it.

3 3 4

No real menu system or sound?, I didn't play long enough to see if there was an ending screen. I liked the idea that all the co-workers are attacking this guy who performs for the audience .

3 2 3

I liked the rope animation.

2 2 2

Could have used sound.

3 2 2

it's funny and challenging, work on it

3 2 4

The mouse control didn't seem to work properly. Sometimes it would get stuck. I don't think this is a problem with my mouse. Anyway, nice work. Maybe allow for the player to use only the keyboard?

2 3 4

nice idea and executed in a good way - some sounds or music would also have been nice.

2 3 3

Not very challenging

3 3 2

Fun little game, although lack of sounds hurt it a bit.

6000! After the first level! Now that's a challenge!

1 2 2

It loses the fun very quick!

3 3 3

seems the strategy is to always be jumping. Making it possible to fall off if you get to wild I think would make it more of a challenge. Also maybe have the rings be tossed up from below and then fall back down (either arcing or straight up and down) and having to catch them before they fall would be cool.