PyWeek - Deemed Red - feedback

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4 4 2

nice asteroids clone. great effects. good gmeplay. too bad for the tradings, i was hoping i could keep playing.

5 5 5

Awesome job fellas.

4 4 3

You really need to review the game dynamic and user interface: it promised a lot, and wanted to
do a lot of things and keep playing, but didn't know how...

2 4 4

An interesting combination of asteroids and trading! Has a lot of potential, but clearly not quite there yet -- the trading part doesn't seem to work (clicking on the buy and sell icons doesn't do anything). It would be more fun if I could sell all that ore I've carefully collected!
I like the look of the characters, but the cutscenes are a bit intrusive and get monotonous very quickly. It would be better if a given cutscene were only presented once, and if you run out of cutscenes, just stop showing any and let the player get on with the game.

2 4 3

Wouldn't let me sell stuff. The button reacted to my click, but nothing got sold.

2 2 1

Similar to Asteroid

4 2 4

Would like to see this finished. Production quality is high, but deductions from missing the trade screen and the bugs.

1 3 3


3 4 2

Very nice effects, nice graphics. It's a pity it wasn't finished.
I had some fun with the story the first time, but it might have been helpful to provide some way to avoid it later.
Also, I felt that the ship moved very fast, but that might be only my idea.

3 4 2

Wow, I love the story. The whole storyline was very futurama, but very much in an old Lucasarts game style.. reminds me of TIE fighter *wipes tear*. Anyway, great job, awesome Bender inspired robot cameo (and #7). The game itself was a classic setup which was cool.. ship control was abit tough. Overall a solid entry! Nice music too!

4 4 4

Pretty good even if it's basically just asteroids :) Pity I couldn't sell stuff.

2 5 3

Great start. You've clearly put a lot of work into features that hasn't paid off yet. I hope you
get to finish it!

4 4 4

Good game!
Nice art, nice gameplay.

Really enjoy it.

2 4 4

The idea of merging an asteroids-like game with a trading metagame+story sounds very interesting; pity that trade didn't work, so it is just an asteroid clone with nice effects. Probably could get great with a bit more time

1 2 1


1 1 1 yes

The game don´t work, but i don´t know why! I am a graphic artist.

3 5 3

Very pretty -- but nothing more than a glorified Asteroids. I got this error when I tried to return to the planet with a full cargo hold:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 16, in ?
File "/media/pyweek6/RogerRobot/pyweek6/lib/", line 97, in main
File "/media/pyweek6/RogerRobot/pyweek6/lib/pgu/", line 104, in run
File "/media/pyweek6/RogerRobot/pyweek6/lib/pgu/", line 112, in loop
if self.fnc('loop'): return
File "/media/pyweek6/RogerRobot/pyweek6/lib/pgu/", line 80, in fnc
else: r = f()
File "/media/pyweek6/RogerRobot/pyweek6/lib/", line 213, in loop
if globalvars.story.hasSceneOnEntry(self.curPlanet[0]):
File "/media/pyweek6/RogerRobot/pyweek6/lib/", line 300, in hasSceneOnEntry
self.currentScene = self.getSceneOnEntry(planetName)
File "/media/pyweek6/RogerRobot/pyweek6/lib/", line 314, in getSceneOnEntry
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'execute'

2 4 3

Looked like a promising start with the cutscenes and stuff, but then I flew around and blew up asteroids until my cargo bay was full and couldn't work out what to do next. Did I miss something?

2 4 2

I liked the story intro, but the next button doesn't seem to accept input reliably -- I had to click all over it to find the 'sweet spot' which changed every screen... After I got into space, I could fly around, but hitting space crashed with this:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Keeyai>dev
C:\development>cd ..

C:\>cd pyweek

C:\pyweek>cd RogerRobot

C:\pyweek\RogerRobot>cd pyweek6

{'sounds': True}
Creating a planet button for KV69 at (720, 389) with image planet2.png
Creating a planet button for KV68 at (224, 443) with image planet3.png
Creating a planet button for KV14 at (471, 410) with image planet1.png
Creating a planet button for KV112 at (65, 372) with image planet4.png
Creating a planet button for KVA49 at (576, 422) with image asteroid_field.png
Creating a planet button for KV27 at (253, 348) with image planet2.png
Creating a planet button for KVA50 at (588, 342) with image asteroid_field.png
Creating a planet button for KVA51 at (148, 374) with image asteroid_field.png
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\pyweek\RogerRobot\pyweek6\", line 16, in <module>
File "C:\pyweek\RogerRobot\pyweek6\lib\", line 97, in main
File "C:\pyweek\RogerRobot\pyweek6\lib\pgu\", line 104, in run
File "C:\pyweek\RogerRobot\pyweek6\lib\pgu\", line 112, in loop
if self.fnc('loop'): return
File "C:\pyweek\RogerRobot\pyweek6\lib\pgu\", line 80, in fnc
else: r = f()
File "C:\pyweek\RogerRobot\pyweek6\lib\", line 224, in loop
File "C:\pyweek\RogerRobot\pyweek6\lib\", line 381, in update
self.updateEquipment( delta_t )
File "C:\pyweek\RogerRobot\pyweek6\lib\", line 397, in updateE
File "C:\pyweek\RogerRobot\pyweek6\lib\", line 112, in update
self.barrel.Fire( rotation )
File "C:\pyweek\RogerRobot\pyweek6\lib\", line 143, in Fire
newBullet = self.ammoType(self.gameObj, self.owner.bodyObj.getPosition())
File "C:\pyweek\RogerRobot\pyweek6\lib\", line 60, in __init__

File "C:\pyweek\RogerRobot\pyweek6\lib\", line 30, in loadImage
return pygame.image.load(os.path.join(data_dir,data_image_dir, filename)).co
pygame.error: Couldn't open data\images\ammo_plasmaball.png


4 4 4

very nice entry, I can see that given another day or two it could have been really excelent. I like how you blend classic arcade (asteroids) with a sort of privateer feel. And the story was entertaining enough too.

It would be nice to be able to skip over the intro story w/o having to click next a bunch of times for when you've already read it.

4 4 2

Great work.

1 4 3 yes

Unfortunately, I made it through the tutorial and then ... (Note, I've admitted my name from stacktrace):

File "", line 16, in <module>
File "/home/----/pyweek6/RogerRobot/pyweek6/lib/", line 97, in main
File "/home/----/pyweek6/RogerRobot/pyweek6/lib/pgu/", line 104, in run
File "/home/----/pyweek6/RogerRobot/pyweek6/lib/pgu/", line 110, in loop
if self.fnc('init'): return
File "/home/----/pyweek6/RogerRobot/pyweek6/lib/pgu/", line 80, in fnc
else: r = f()
File "/home/----/pyweek6/RogerRobot/pyweek6/lib/", line 126, in init
self.playerShip = player.shipType(self, (0,0,0))
File "/home/----/pyweek6/RogerRobot/pyweek6/lib/", line 72, in __init__
File "/home/----/pyweek6/RogerRobot/pyweek6/lib/", line 103, in setMass
self.massObj.setSphereTotal(mass / 1000000.0, self.rect.width / 4)
File "mass.pyx", line 209, in ode.Mass.__getattr__
TypeError: exceptions must be strings, classes, or instances, not type

4 4 4

Music, sound and graphics fit very well together and are just great. Gameplay and story are very nice, too. Unfortunately I didn't get far because of crashing. And mining without selling stuff is.. a bit dull. I'd love to see a finished version.

3 3 2

Seems like it must have a great story - but load times were so super long it killed the fun of them and made me afraid to click things (for some reason Vista thought the files were encrypted? maybe that caused that?)

The asteroids bits were very nice. Couldn't figure out how to do anything with what I collected though

2 2 1

Introduction is too long and the game is bored.

3 4 2

It is fun to fly around with the cute robot and mine some stuff. Because the trade screen didn't work i cannot say, what the game feels like with it.

I've found none, but the theme is nicely incorporated.

The production is great. You have really nice graphics, good sound and the GUI is also well. But i had a bug. Despite the fact that mycargo bay was full, i could not sell anything and so on had no money and no room for more resources. So my playing experience is very short.

Despite the bug with the trading screen this is truly a great game.

2 5 3

Very very beautiful, but the mission are not really interesting.

3 4 3

Graphics were awesome, and the particle effects were particularly cool. I had some fun
playing this, but after a while the gun sound really got on my nerves. Also after getting fairly
far into the game it crashed.