1st Player

Teach those crazy robots how to move!
Can you do it?

With less than 24hr in total (not including sleep), it has been another great py-2-days!
(more levels will be coming after the judging)

Please read the readme file first.

Release notes:
  • Linux user might need to add code for glut initialization. see the wiki.
  • Ommited from the readme file, PIL needs to be installed, too.
  • In the tutorial level, restarting does not initialize the victory conditions
    (the first cube doesn't come back).
    Do try to imagine it does come back every time.
    This bug won't affect mission1, as there is only one condition there.
  • If mission 1 (jumping) is too hard for you, try increasing the robot's motors' power (robospider.xml->joints->FMax) to 150
  • Thanks for all those who debugged my code and reported the above!
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    Overall: 2.5
    Fun: 1.9
    Production: 1.9
    Innovation: 3.5

    51% respondents marked the game as not working.
    Respondents: 13


    File Uploader Date
    final entry
    eltriuqS 2008/04/06 18:36
    final submission
    eltriuqS 2008/04/06 10:52

    Diary Entries

    too late?

    After finally finding a good idea for this theme (altough you will decide),
    and as i started coding just friday evening,
    now some hour and a half before the deadline,
    i cant upload my 40k file.