PyWeek - NaN 11 - feedback

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1 4 3

I got the game running (and ran it twice per message board) but it was super sluggish
considering what I saw being drawn. Also, once I was in the game I couldn't figure out what was
going on once I did get to the first scene. I moved the fly aronud, tried clicking on things but
got no feedback. I was sad :(

1 1 1 yes

Really sorry. Tried my best to get round seg fault but no luck. Like the intro! Many thanks!

2 2 2 yes

I downloaded the win32 version.I was able to start the game and get into levels but was unable to do anything. There was no readme to see what i am supposed to do.

2 4 3

Liked the art/music, but the gameplay was a bit frustrating.

1 3 2

It was hard to control and I didn't know where I was supposed to be going or why. Looked and sounded ok though.

2 3 3

Not really sure what I was actually doing....

2 4 2

I had to hack out sound to get the game to run. Great graphics and splash screen. Game play seemed a little incomplete.

2 3 3

This doesn't seem to be a complete game. Building a game around getting something to follow the cursor is a promising idea.

1 3 2

Controls/object collisions are not working very well.

2 3 3

This looked like a decent idea, but it needed more game to get a better feel for it.

1 2 2

the title screen fly is great. Unfortunately the in game graphics don't hold up to that. Also I didn't really get how the game works: I got that I need to collect the food and then fly to the gate. But I didn't get what triggered me being randomly teleported around the level. I also didn't fully understand how the controls were supposed to work - the fly sometimes went into the opposite direction I wanted it to.

1 2 3

This feels too unfinished for me to really consider it a game. There doesn't seem to be any real purpose to it, and even the menus don't work properly.

I'm not even sure if the controls work the way I think they do. I couldn't get any keys to do anything, clicking doesn't do anything and the little insect on the screen seemed to sometimes follow my mouse cursor and sometimes teleport somewhere else on the screen.

2 2 2

With an empty readme it's difficult to tell what's going on in the game and whether or not the
graphics and music are home-made or found. I still got through the three levels and figuring
out how to make the insect not respawn at the nectar randomly was interesting. The connection
to the theme is not very strong.

2 4 4

Not much in Fun as the contols were quite clunky - my fly/moth always wanted to go to the left, it was quite hard to convince it to go to where the mouse is.

2 3 2 yes

The program ran, but once I got into the game, it was running extremely slow. It took me 60
seconds to reach the first apple. Then when I exited the level, my system halted. So, I didn't
see enough of the game to give it a fair rating. That's why I'm marking DNW. The sound also
jittered a lot. This is common to pyglet games for me, though. I'm running Ubuntu. As for the
game, I wasn't really sure what was going on. It took me quite a while to figure out what I was
supposed to be doing. It wasn't clear at all to me that the dragonfly was what I was supposed to be
controlling. I was clicking everywhere. I wish you'd put a little more info in the readme under
"how to play". I also didn't see what it had to do with the theme.

1 3 1

I have no idea what was going on in this game, it didn't respond to any key, and I didn't find any help in Windows file...

2 3 2

Movement is frustratingy slow on my machine (Mac PPC G4 dual 1.2GHz).

2 5 2

It looks and sounds great. I just can't find the game in this game.

3 5 4

The music is great, the art is great, but I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to be doing.

3 3 4

I like the relaxed feel of this game (probably because of the music). The controls were somewhat iffy (getting a little stuck on walls, trouble picking up items, ..) so the fun rating is not as high as it could be. But definitely a good game with a few tweaks.

1 2 2

It seems there's not much else to do in this game other than navigate a map at an incredibly slow pace. There's no consistency in the art at all.