PyWeek - 0AI - Artificial Ineptitude - feedback

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2 3 3

Very nice graphics but unfortunately the game is very slow on my computer and the playability wasn't really great anyways. (might just be my machine though). Also, it IS a fighting game! :D

3 4 4

The game didn't run very smooth for me, but it was enjoyable or at least interesting. Well done.

3 5 4

Awesome graphics and animations. For some reason, the first time I played the commands didn't
appear on the screen, so it would have been nice if the instructions were also in the readme, I
searched and I didn't find them. It is a pretty cool idea, but I have to admit I'm confused about
the point of the game - I understand that you have to train the padawan to beat others, but I just
can't grasp what should my strategy be on his training. This has this feeling of a great game,
but it seems to lack some guidance to enjoy it at its full potential. And a minor nitpick - load
game should be selected by default, and confirm before replacing the current saved game.
Although it didn't really grab me as it would if grasping the concept were easier, this game was
definitely interesting.

2 4 5

<p>The concept and the art for this game is great. I think the controls lacked playability and that took away the fun of the game. I would love to see a post-pw version of this one

2 4 4

Strange concept, quite difficult to control.

3 3 3 yes

Sorry didn't work on my system (ubuntu 8.04). Something about the sound.

1 1 1 yes

Unable to locate resource fx/puto01.ogg - tried to fix, but couldn't find the problem, so couldn't get past the (really cool) menus! Disappointing :(

2 2 4

Interesting idea, but I couldn't stay interested. Controls were funky, and I didn't see that it complied to the theme very well, so I knocked some points of your production score.

3 5 4

Amazing game -- the intro, the graphics, the stick-figure animation, the training methods, everything was quite enthralling. It was different enough that I felt I didn't have much control over the game. I trained for 5 times, and then even though he'd only won twice or so, I decided to take him to the fighting circuit, and he went on to an undefeated season of puppeteer brawling. It was certainly entertaining to watch! All told, nice extension of the Tamogachi idea -- I was really impressed with it. The worst was not feeling like I had much control -- feeding some metrics back (like responsiveness, defensiveness, aggressiveness, etc) could have helped me -- I wasn't sure if the number of matches were important, or if he won/lost, or if he actually copied my moves during the training -- I just wasn't sure, so I felt a bit lost. Even so, it was still fun, and it was beautiful to watch -- very nicely done! It's a challenge to make good AI in a week, and I was really impressed with how well the fighters all looked and behaved. Well done!

3 4 5 yes

I'm going to give this a DNW, because the game is really slow and unresponsive on my 1-year old computer. The updated version segfaults upon startup.<br><br>Otherwise, I really like the idea!

4 4 4

Good entry!

1 4 5

I did not train my boxer and it win all the fights.

3 5 4

The collision was a bit off, but the graphics and animation were excellent, and the idea of training your own fighter is pretty cool!

3 5 5

I suspect there was innovation in the "training" of the padawan, but due to no feedback for the
user as to what the training actually did, I couldn't give it full marks. I was going to mark
lower in "fun" but the beauty of the graphics and animation actually made it enjoyable to
simply watch the padwan kicking enemy ass. Well done, guys!

I thought about it for a while, and I upped the innovation score.

2 4 4

Couldn't really work the controls right, very interesting concept though

2 4 2

Cool graphics but didn't like the sfxs...

3 5 4

Amazing production!

3 3 4

i was only able to get this working with the post-deadline version for windows, the versions in
the torrent didn't work on linux or windows. the idea was good, having a two-stage fighting
game where you train your padawan by fighting him directly, and then see how he fights against
various opponents. unfortunately it didn't really work that well for me. i wasn't able to
figure out how to fight smoothly in training mode, and it seemed in fight mode gil and his enemy
would quickly get stuck in a loop where each was doing the same attack/defend moves and whoever
was doing more damage would quickly win. i was able to defeat the devil after one round of
training, but gil was then beaten by the second opponent he took on. with more gameplay tuning,
and hints during training mode, this might shape up to be a pretty fun game.

2 3 4

Interesting idea, but I couldn't really get it to work. I couldn't remember all the controls that I was shown for about 1 second each with no way of getting back to see them again. Also the animation was very jerky for me, and little of what I did on the keyboard seemed to have any obvious effect on what happen.

2 3 3


2 4 3

sadly the game responsiveness wasn't up to it and I'm on a kick-ass computer - which meant the game just wasn't as fun as it might have been.

2 4 4

This is a really awesome entry - not very fun but quite interesting to watch! My guy beat the devil after his second fight!

4 4 4

Very polished, cool intro, innovative idea.. Unfortunately I had some problems with the
controls and watching the AIs fight wasn't so interesting after a while.. Nevertheless, very
nicely done.

1 1 1 yes

I got the following error message every time I tried to start a fight:

pyglet.resource.RecourceNotFoundException: Resource "fx/puto01.ogg" was not found on
the path.

All dependencies mentioned in the readme.txt are installed and the file is located at the
location in question [also properly named...]. OS was WindowsXP.

Nice Intro, though :)

2 4 3

The art is very good.<br>
Not much fun factor for me, but I always hated games of combos.<br>
FYI, I needed to thinker some to play the game:<br>
As unpacked, will crash looking for a resource.<br>
Copy contents of dir data/fx one level up, and in change all 'fx/zzzz' to 'zzzz' else will froze. Example: 'fx/astroboy.ogg' -> 'astroboy.ogg'. <br>
That in winXp at least.<br>
Maybe you want to put a note in the entries page about this ?<br>
Glad to play the game.

1 1 1 yes

I cann't running the game in my linux machine. (Ubuntu 8.04)

3 4 3

Interesting idea training a fighter. Responsiveness of the character is a bit sloppy for me comparing to other arcade games.

1 4 4

It's very pretty, but it's hard to control, and just not very much fun to play. I think it could have done with more time spent working on gameplay, and a little less on fancy animation.

2 4 4

No comment

3 5 4

Very well done. The gameplay and controls need some improvement - in training mode, there seems to be too much delay between a button press and the resulting movement.

3 5 4

Production: Incredible! Awesome!
Innovation: Nice
Fun: Funny
Gameplay: Needs to be improved. It is not easy to train the padawan. Or at least I didn't understand who to improve the training.

4 5 5

The artwork was amazing. It was kind of hard to figure out exactly what to do at first but I had a lot of fun. Great job!

2 5 3

Great graphics and presentation, although the low quality of the voice recording took a bit
away from the overall production value. Might just be my general dislike for fighting games
but I couldn't really get into the game.

3 4 3

I like the graphics. It appears vectorial.

2 3 3

It ran fairly slow, and animation wasn't as smooth as I expected. Controls and timing need a lot
of work. The artwork is great, and the animations are really well done though!

2 4 4

Completely unbalanced. Well polished though.

2 5 5

Great concept. Confusing about how to actually play.