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4 4 3

Nice one

3 3 2

Fun quirky vertical shooter. Gets challenging but still fun.

4 4 4


4 3 3

Fun shooter with a few twists. Running commentary from diver hero is good fun. Pixelart style
nice. Some more graphics would add variety to the visuals.

5 4 3

Fun little arcade shooter.

Graphics could use a bit of work, but the writing produced some genuine laughs. 'Press time to
activate space machine' being one of the best.

3 3 2

Good writings! Zip in a folder next time.

3 3 3

Nice arcade feel, good job.

3 3 1

Amazing 8-bit vertical shooter is amazing! The engine seems solid, although I really missed
power-ups (upgrade weapon? extra lives? some sort of "bomb" to clear the screen? please!).
With some extra work it could have been a great recreation of the genre. Well... it is not
innovative (and the power-ups, where are the power-ups?!!!11), but still fun to play. Well

4 5 3

Ridiculous. Hilarious. The only downside was that the boss was next to impossible to kill.
Also, was the protagonist in pyjamas? :)

4 4 3


5 4 2

Well done, good pacing and challenge curve. It's not really what I would call groundbreaking,
but it's fun.

4 4 3

Spent far too long trying to save humanity before realising it's impossible. :-(

4 5 3

This fun little game pulls off a well known genre and relishes in its own simplicity. While the
graphics are not very complicated, they are visually appealing. The narrative and
commentary add an extra layer of sardonic self awareness that's clever and well done, which is
really what makes this game so enjoyable.

5 4 3

very funny game, nothing new but i like it

3 4 3

A fun shooter game.

4 5 3

As far as gameplay goes, not the most unique, but the game runs very well and the humor is a big
plus! Well done overall!