Admin: RSS feed for diary entries

I've added an RSS feed for diary entries. It's available in the sidebar and through the auto button that appears on most web browsers.

The latest entries (across all challenges) also appear on the very front page of

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Very cool Richard!
The layout on the front page seems to be a bit off though...
With the screenies from compo #2 at the top of the page, under them to the left is the "Pyweek registration is open for..." stuff, and to the right are the sreenies from the more recent compos. Under those are the latest diary entries, but they run into the last screenshots in a rather yucky way :/

I'll screenshot if you want me to :)
Oy, I just refreshed and now the screenies from compo #2 are under the sidebar/nav-bar :(
I think something is messed up, am I just using to big of a font(I don't think so, but I know it can cause stuff like this...)?
You have to make sure you force a refresh of the page or you'll be using an out-of-date CSS file.

Two screenshots are supposed to appear in the left bar :)

Ahh, got it now :)