Feedback statement to comments

thanks for all the constructive comments. some general comments on the main critique points:

The good The bad The ugly Things I would feel like working on, not sure if I will:

I'm really rather content with how the game came out. I see that A LOT OF people had trouble with the collision physics, but that's a performance issue not "bad physics" per se (one could argue wether this is not the same thing). I should have slowed down the game if the machine is to weak.

Final note: take a look at my source code. It's UGLY AS HELL. this is alright for a one-week-shot project. I don't want to sound like a preacher, but do-the-simplest-thing-that-can-possible-work is a good thing. If something doesn't add to the gameplay-value (ie refactoring, nice structure).. forget it.