More than 24 hours done already...

I spent the weekend in London which meant that I've only just found out the theme for the challenge. I'm now at work and it'll be at least 6 more hours before I can get home to start work. :-(

Fortunately the chosen theme was by far my favourite option so I've already got a well thought out plan for the game which should give me a good start.

My tactic seems to be quite different to most people - I'm going for a simple game. It's only 2d (a recreation of a classic game but with a twist) and no AI or other hard stuff to code. I'm hoping that the extra polish I'll be able to give my game will give me the edge over these fancy-pants 3D, multi-person team games.

I couldn't imagine trying to work in a team with people I've never worked with before, over the Internet, and under such a strict time constraint. Still, if that's the way people want to work then good luck to them! I'm happy by myself :-)

Targets for today:

Available time: 5 hours.

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Whoops, that title should read 'behind' not 'done' as I haven't actually done anything yet... Wish there was an edit function :-)
If you look at my team's post, you'll notice that you aren't alone ;)