Post-mortem and future

WARNING: long post :P

Well, first off, this has been a great pyweek, the number and quality of entries was astonding, and I was actually glad to lose to a few of them :)
We are very pleased with where we placed, even if it was lower than last time :P

What went wrong:
What went right:
The future...
Well, this is actually my favorite game that I have made to date, and we definitely will be planning on continuing its development :D

Here is a list of things that are planned for the next release(hopefully soon):

There are a few more things planned, but they will not likely be in the upcoming release.

If anyone has any requests/comments/ideas or anything else, feel free to post them here.

Well, I'm off to bed now, will maybe work on the game some tomorrow. ;)
Hope to see you all again next pyweek :)

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Oh, and one more thing in both the went right and went wrong:
I didn't implement the tutorial until the final day(I did a lot of that), and again relied on tut screens :/

I wont be doing that again, unless I run out of time again ;)
Tut screens are a killer - I am coming to think that a tut screen is worse than no tut at all. I will be avoiding anything like a tut screen next time around - and probably go for a game that wouldn't need any sort of tutorial whatsoever... Makes judging easier at any rate.
yeah, I was hoping we wouldn't need a tut screen, but I didn't have time to tweak the game play to be as intuitive as I had hoped ;)

Another thing that hurt us:
I spent way too much time on irc and posting here :P
Well, it seems that the biggest killer for us were the levels(90% of the comment complaints could have been fixed with just 2-3 hours of level-making/testing).

The ai being to easy/hard is in the levels.
Plants being unbalanced(just using cheaper ones wins, every time).
Game going too fast/slow.
Only having a single cut-scene.
And last, but not least, balancing.

I am a bit frustrated that we received a below-average(2.8) fun score, as we got a 2.9 last time.

I should have spent the last day working on levels, or avoided the last minute level design change :/
Instead of working on sound/tuts/whatever.
Oh, well, we'll definitely focus on fun/innovation over production next time, that was a real killer ;)
I enjoyed your game a lot, and thought the concept was really cool. I am a bit sorry I didn't make it the last day when I was scoring. But I would have given you a 3 5 4 (with that 3 able to go up with a little testing)
thanks for the reply dmoisset :)
We are currently working on an "if we only had one more day" release of the game.

It should include two different campaigns, several scenarios in each campaign.
Hotkeys, yay :)
And fixes for the two known bugs.

Cya later :)