SegFault Error

Hi, im' using WinXP, python2.5, pygame1.7 around 4-5 games have crashed while running with the Segfault message. Does anybody else face this problem? ill' post the names of the games which crashed a little later.

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Exact error message:
Fatal Python error: (pygame parachute) Segmentation Fault This application has requested
the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team
for more information.

Games which cause this error:
had the same problem with XP,py25,pygame17, all three games work fine in linux.
I had to run those games in python 2.4 (XP, pygame 1.7.1), but I'm pretty sure the problem's in as my tweaked version works fine in 2.5.
gizmo: I couldnt run any of those either, or a few others :(
I dont think it is a skellington thing though, I think this a pygame or python error, I dont have time right now to ferret out the problems, but I'll try this weekend.

I'll also see what other ones are doing this on me...

I'll also test python 2.4, as the only time that version seg-faulted for me was when using pygame surfarrays.
I use XP and py2.5 and I had a few problems like this also.
The problem for me was that pygame would crash after it was given a file like object to things like pygame.image.load
I fixed it by replacing most of the data.load calls relating to images by a data.filepath call.
Ahh, I ran into that in one of the games, and fixed it,
were you able to fix them all by changing that?
Most of the games with this error just loaded the graphics as a file and passed it directly to pygame.
So yes, I was able to fix every game I played so far.
Please report this as a bug to the pygame maintainers - it won't get fixed otherwise!
I dont think this is a pygame bug...

its a bug when someone does something like:
instead of just:
I dont think this should be a "pygame" error, it is an error when ppl misuse the skellington.
So... ppl just need to use the path to the file, instead of opening it and then sending it to pygame :)
Well it is a pygame error in the sense that it's segfaulting. It should throw an exception instead so that the program can properly exit without crashing.
What pekuja said :)