news update

well, we had a last-minute problem and a svn commit got stucked, and we didn't realize until the deadline has past. so here you have the patch that will fix that:
you should place this file inside the data/ directory.
also, remember that can access our server to play the game at have fun!

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Awesomeness, with too many bugs and balancing issues :( If I fight two things in the training grounds and then stay once more, it crashes:
self = , self.items = {'4d_snack': , 'alien_mistress': , 'another_regular_bully': , 'boss_inspection': , 'caught_coffee': , 'coworker_in_need': , 'deranged_steve': , 'dodecahedral_tupperware': , 'dustbin': , 'guy_in_the_queue': , ...}, id = 'level1_trainingroom'

KeyError: 'level1_trainingroom'
      args = ('level1_trainingroom',)
hi: Yes, there was a bug in the training room; in the last minute frenzy to deliver the game we forgot to apply a commit to our svn repo: Download this file into the data directory and you should be able to keep playing. (the monster description for that room was missing) The balancing was a bit hard, but playable (we managed to play through it quite fine, although it may require some practice and fighting monsters with the right skill).
The site seems to be offline now. Is it possible to get the fix from somewhere else?