Yes! Done and uploaded on time!

Yikes, with only 45 minutes to go the server seemed about ready to croak. It took me 15 minutes and multiple tries to get my entry uploaded. I was so relieved when it finally got through! Didn't want to see a week of hard work and lost sleep go to waste.

I am happy with the final polish of my entry. I didn't get any sound effects or music into it but that is about the only thing missing. I had put alot of extra stuff in my code to make it possible to resize the window and rescale everyhting on the fly, but in the end I couldn't get all of it to work correctly and had to resort to making a fixed size window. Oh well, lesson learned for next time.

I also wish I could have spent some more time on finetuning the difficulty parameters. I think the two highest levels are just about impossible to win now. If anyone makes it to the top at the highest difficulty level, I sure would like to hear about it. :-)

Congratulations to everyone who managed to crank out something working in a week, I look forward to playing your entries!