Ninja On the Wall (18+)


I finished my gory shoot-them-up plattform game and it got ropes too!! I've been playing it the whole afternoon with a couple of friends, blasting away those evil scientists.

It's slow. If you have less then 1Ghz, it will be really sluggish... in that case try turning off the music + playing fullscreen. I recommend 2 Ghz and fullmoon for total pleasure.

It's got this really easy to use level editor, and I've already got sent a lot of nice levels - will probably setup a level-exchange page sometime next week. Of course a tutorial is included too, that will make you familiar with the gameplay basics. But I for one enjoy the Endless Wall most...that's I can show off my l33t rope swinging acrobatics (of course playing in ultra-violent mode)

I'm amazed what all the other teams/coders put together in one week. I'm looking forward to every single final version and will definitly enjoy testing those. I think it's too early to pick favorites, but especially the ones with totally new gameplay mechanics impressed me the most. Great job everyone!

So thanks for all the fish, es war mir ein Volksfest. Great organization and motivation by the pyweek-team (I think richard is the main man behind all this?) and see you again later this year....