Release Candidate 3 (RC3)


In the last 24 hours, I was planning to do some minor touch-ups of the art, and let it go. But then, I decided that the AI needed a little help on some of the levels (a LOT of help on some of the levels), so I added a facility for the AI to record shots as I slept. I then processed that file into a python script (, for those reading the code) which the AI was able to refer to when it wanted to play a little more deliberately.

And then it was a bunch of little bundling issues - the only major one was that I tried to get py2app working on my Mac at the last minute, and it didn't work - the installation was hard, and I couldn't run what it spit out. Maybe someone out there can give me some tips on what I should have done. Or maybe I'll play around with it later.

I've enjoyed chatting in #pyweek with everybody - nobody took offense at my snarky comments as far as I could tell. :)

Some folks have expressed interest in some of my techniques, particularly my crazy code-that-generates-code stuff (see edge*.py and for sample output). I don't think there's much magic there, but still, I'll write up a discussion of the code and my development experiences and post it HERE, if you're at all interested.

Thanks to one and all - for the support and the competition. I'm proud of what I've done, and happy to be part of the competition this time around.