Ohh, yeah!

Well, i woke up about an hour ago, and already have half of the things I wanted to get done, done :D :D :D

I'm taking a break to eat and wake up now, see you on irc when I get back!

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we now have locust swarms!!!!!
Well, we now have a menu skeleton, we still need better levels and a tutorial, and some way of saving the players last reached level, so they can continue later.

game play code is now finished, unless the ai needs tweaking ;)
so it is down to what we want, instead of need yay!!!
well, the last few minutes were a pain!

but I did manage to find some music/sfx, finish the menus, and fix up the ai.

by last look there was a bug that the ai will "freeze", but I hope that my fix worked :(, I'm not even sure why that was happening... But at least that is only "1" bug :P

The other big thing, is that we only have 5 levels, and only the first has been played, it should be ok,but I was making a lot of typos those last dew minuts(the levels were created from 25-15 minutes till compo end ;))

So, if a level crashes for you, there are instructions in the 'lib/levels' folder that should lead you to the fix, hey you can even make your own levels, with many different variables to customize difficulty!!
I would suggest increasing the map size, and making plants grow faster, stay mature shorter, and increase the number of plants required to move on ;)

If you find any bugs please let me know, I might even make a special levels expansion pack sometime soon.
And edit the ai if you find something fishy about it ;)
Any comments are welcome :)

We hope you enjoy the game, it has been a blast making it, and (I've said this hundreds of times but...) we will be continuing work on this game, in all likelihood :P

Cya later!