well, it comes done to the wire...

we got a lot done today, but we have a whole load of stuff to do tomorrow, currently the game just prints YouWon or YouLost and then crashes when the game ends :(
I'm going to bed early tonight, so I can get a jump-start on the day tomorrow :)

We still need a ReadMe,
a menu system,
level fade-ins/outs,
stringing scenarios together,
implement the last of the graphics(I hope that doesnt take more than an hour max),
and remove current music ;)

POSSIBLES include, in order,
making more/better tiles
getting/making sfx/music
addition of an endless game mode.

Whew, that might get tight.

Anyone have any particluar requests/comments/errors for the game?
Also, when you close the game, the fps will be printed, if ppl could tell me what they are getting, in case I need to optomize the game any.

Thanks! and good night :)

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oops, done=down ;)
I have also uploaded a new version of the game,BR> you can get it from our page, sorry about all the posts, I'm not thinking real straight right now ;).