End of Friday Morning (home stretch)

I took it easy last night (only worked maybe 2 hours on the game), which meant I didn't do much - I collected a bunch of sounds, and did some light processing on them.

This morning, I incorporated the sounds. I tried making an in-flight sound feature, but it ended up sounding really really bad, so I took it out. Maybe I can revisit it after the competition is done and get a "beep beep beep" sound feature, kinda like George Jetson's car.

I spent the morning breaking the "main" levels apart from the "tutorial" levels. I decided I really ought to have 18 main levels (if you've played the game, you understand), so I cranked out 18 playable levels this morning.

None of them are stellar (Ha!), and right now some of them are way too easy - to the point of being pointless. A few easy ones are OK, I know. On the other hand, I think level 18 is brutal. I've done it in 3, but I've also done it in something like 12.

Oh, that reminds me - the AI is dreadful at gas giant levels. I have an idea of how to address that, and maybe I'll get a chance to implement it, but time is short.