the end is near

did my first final submission. juhu! Now I'm off play-testing with friends and hopefully creating some awsome levels

I'll upload a py2exe version soon, if everything goes as planned...

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0.6 doesnt work on windows. i just uploaded a seperate .zip for windows users
so.. withdrew my final submission because of the win problems.. will figure this out later. dam
Can you just give out the sources? I mean python is cross platform (unless YOU are using something linux specific).
If I have time tomorrow, and happen to be doing py2exe, I could see if I can get it worked out for you. Those are two rather large if's but you never know. I've used py2exe for some very large programs in the past, so I have some idea of what can go wrong.

Other than that, you may need to include some dlls manually, and you may need to take out all of the prints (no sys.stdout in py2exe in some cases)

hi... thanks everybody. Actually everything is working now, but i'm too tired to package+upload stuff... so tomorrow everything will be ready.

everything i uploaded so far is either working in win OR lin as stated in the file-description on the entry page