end of day 5...

Well, we have started to finally move :)

You can now buy plots, choose which kind of plant to place, buy plants, and harvest plants :)

There is also now 1 enemy, it was farely easy to implement him, so I dont expect to much trouble with multiple enemies.

Tomorrow I hope to make a level-loader
implement player-enemy interaction
implement nourishing
create new tiles
allow win scenarios
add menus/between level pages.
and if I can, make a few more plants

It seems the frame-rate has now dropped to about 45-60, with and without psyco, would anyone with a slower comp please try this and tell me if it is doable?:
BTW the music in the background was made in musagi, and is only a test, and will almost surely be changed, so if it makes you crazy you might want to turn off your sound :)

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this runs smooth on 2 ghz. You've noticed your game is making fast progress the last couple of days...impressiv. But I couldn't really figure out what to do or how to move the charactors... it's about growing sun-flowers, right?

right, the players dont move
sorry, you cant really do anything right now.

if your interested, select the bag of gold and then a tile, to buy it.
then select the flower button, and place it on the tile.
when the little pop-up button for 'sunflower: 15' comes up, ignore it, it only tells you you only have one kind of flower available, and that it will cost you 15 gold.

when the flower is mature(the little thing on the tile will run green), select the scythe button and then click the plant to harvest it

currently the other button do nothing ;)

Thank you for testing the demo, and leaving a response :)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "GAME.py", line 107, in ?
  File "GAME.py", line 97, in main
    hud.render(screen, player)
  File "/home/saluk/Desktop/TeamQuicksilver0.5/modules/hud.py", line 198, in render
    0, (255,255,255,255)),
pygame.error: SDL_ttf render failed

On linux, I tried renaming the font (now its font not found) and I tried changing the color (error no change). Not sure whats wrong, sorry.
ummm, I'm not even using the regular font(None type), which I know linux has issues with,
boy, am I glad you found that error, well, not really glad, but you know what I mean :)

I am using the same spelling/case in the code as the name is, and the file is where it should be,
it just doesn't make sense :( ...

Anyone know why this would happen ???
Ohh, I'm guessing you are on Ubuntu?

I just have to allow anti-aliasing it looks like...
Saluk, try changing lines 196-198 in modules.hud to :

screen.blit(self.font.render('gold: %s'%player.gold,True, (255,255,255,255)),self.gold_text_pos)
Works! Game is rather fun, with a few caveats - tiles that have something growing are too hard to distinguish from tiles that don't; and the scrolling is too slow. The framerate for me is also on the low side, probably around 15 fps, but I wouldn't grade you down for that. My computer is pretty slow :)

Oh yeah, and add in the other options, I want to infect my enemies plots with grasshopers asap!