After participating in shorter game jams, it was exciting to think about having a whole week!

In practice, though (especially, in US time zones), it's not as much time as it sounds like. Especially depending on how many work emergencies come up during the week, and how burned out you feel (and what degree of a headache you have) by the time you're ready to switch to Video Game mode...

It doesn't seem like our entry will be particularly playable in time, but it's been really nice to get back into a creative project! And it seems like we do want to keep working on it beyond the end of this challenge (if only so we're more prepared for next time...)

I am impressed with all the new features that Tiled has added since I last used it, though the UI continues to be challenging. (Lots of submenus you can accidentally close, and then have a hard time finding again.)  I wasn't expecting to be able to use it to  generate random terrain, and was especially pleased with the Tile Transformation system - being able to generate a full "blob" tileset from only 15 hand-drawn tiles is really cool! I just really wish they hadn't dropped support for expressing those rotations in the output files, which kind of defeats the purpose? (Unless I'm missing something, which is totally possible...)

Bellflower RingingSadly it wasn't until Saturday afternoon, hours away from the due date, that we were actually getting close to something playable, and cranking out some decent (placeholder) sprites and animations... But I am looking forward to doing more justice to this concept in the future!