Days 1-2: Just the beginning

Hi all! During the development process, we remembered that it would be better to keep our game development diary. And now we will talk about how we organized and what we did during these 2 days of the competition.

Day 1: Start and choose game genre

When we woke up with a ping @everyone that PyWeek 34 had started with the Red Planet theme, we were immediately elated as it was exactly what we expected. We split up our team right away. Someone programmed, and someone started to write design documents and think over the concept of the game. Together with the whole team, after spending a whole day discussing the topic, we came to the conclusion that we would make a platformer with puzzle elements in the style of pixel art. We assigned tasks and immediately started working on them.

Day 2: Start of development

Having returned home, we immediately began to do the tasks that we had distributed the previous day. Designers drew some characters, some level designs, picked up musical accompaniment according to the theme of the game and design documents, decided on the name. The developers also started to have their first successes — we coded the "architecture" of the game, where we made some tasks easier for ourselves, however, in tests this architecture stopped working. The game itself has not yet been created, and we understand that at the moment we are very late, however, this is our first competition, and we are sure that we will definitely solve the problems with the development of the game.