The problem with physics simulations...

Once you get you simulation up and running, you stop programming, and waste all your time messing with the world and saying "Neat!"

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haha.. is this a cow?
Yeah, the mouse cursor is currently a cow.
More specificaly, it is a cow that spawns beach balls if you click a mouse button.
Scrolling the mouse wheel spawns lots of beach balls.
Heh, cool. I've been having some trouble with that with my own physics sim. Looking forward to playing yours.
I drew a very spiffy cow for the first game we ever did, so now it has become our defacto default graphic. Whenever we first put something in and don't have a graphic for it, it ends up a cow.
Hey, you guys rock!

Yay for Edmonton people! ;)
yeah, this game is fun! It fits with the theme perfectly.