Final Leaderboard

Thanks so much to everyone for rating and playing our game! Thanks to the highscore server that tizilogic developed, we were able to see the highscore list update over the course of the judging period as people started playing it, which was quite fun to see.

To give everyone an even chance (and because we did a bunch of balancing changes at the last moment), the leaderboard was reset at the beginning of the judging period so that everyone would have a fair shot. Our own team lead Hendrik-jan took an early lead on the board, but was defeated by an absolutely stellar score from our modeller, fireclaw, whose score still reigns supreme on the board, despite ankith101rar's many respectable attempts to catch up with him, which were nonetheless successful at pushing the rest of the dev team off the board.

The final leaderboard at the end of the judging period stands as follows:

1  	FOX  	413186
2  	ANK  	202991
3  	ANK  	151669
4  	ANK  	148328
5  	FOX  	147462
6  	ANK  	126634
7  	ANK  	115896
8  	ANK  	112719
9  	ANK  	111618
10  	AAL  	111391

Congratulations to Fireclaw, ankith101rar and whoever entered AAL for achieving these great scores!

The high score server is still up and running, if you want to have a go at defeating these champions. A live version of the leaderboard is available and will continue to be available for a while.