Closing Remarks

Thank you, everyone, for all the wonderful feedback. And congratulations to everyone who took part too. Looking at the comments there are a lot of very positive remarks and we are truly very flattered, thank you 😊. Everyone loved the art and sound aspects it seems, as did we. It's encouraging to know that all that work was so appreciated.

We were not very happy about the theme, bottom of all of our lists. It seemed too charged a topic for us, too divisive. So we aimed for something utterly inoffensive. I hope we succeeded. Others with the same problem went in different directions, (i.e. Cosmologicon). I suppose the theme is always just a starting point. In the past I remember people have used anagrams of the theme to design their games. You can't really do that with "cops".

A few people struggled with the initial learning curve. I'm sorry about that; we didn't have any external playtesting so that kind of thing was likely. All the same I think we were aware it was tight but it was also very challenging to find the right balance point.

Well, it's over for another five months. Well done again to everyone, hope to see you all next time.

PS. Did anyone play our "Endless" mode? Post your score if so!