Original Design Features

Some ideas that I did not have time to implement in the game included:

In the end, my struggles with the "math" to make the player's position static on the screen while still having physics applied to him proved to be so "clunky" that I almost didn't submit a game at all. I managed to get the game into a shape that is "playable", but has many rough edges around my implementation with the physics engine. All of these rough edges were a product of trying to compensate for a relatively static player character position that still needs to have weight and velocity with respect to the enemy car. 

For future physics based games, I think I would like to try using the `arcade` python library instead of pygame. From my read on the documentation there are more built-in features for handling the exact situation I've described above with platform games. Theoretically these paradigms could be applied for any "scale" of objects in the pymunk space.