PyMunk + PyGame Struggles

I've made some progress, but I'm running into issues getting the Y coordinates to sync-up between my PyMunk physics objects and the PyGame sprites. I realize their "0" position is different, but I'm still struggling getting the user interactions of moving up and down in sync with the underlying PyMunk Shape defined. 

That said, I've made progress in rendering the `debug_draw` state from PyMunk so I can at least visualize what I've written so far. I'm trying to keep the mechanic fundamentally very simple. The premise is to perform a PIT Maneuver ( The win condition is if the "Bad Guy's" Car reaches a specified turning radius, then the game will reset with (theoretically) harder presets for what the bad guy's car will do between runs. 

The PyMunk physics engine is quite fun to mess around with, and was easy enough to add debug objects to it to see how the objects (cars i.e. top-down rectangles) would interact with each other. I just need much more work to get my PyGame sprite images loading on top of the right places and moving appropriately with the user's input.