New Game...

So, I've decided what I was trying to do is too slow to be practical (despite not having got my head round all the maths yet), so I'm going to scrap large portions of it and work on something similar, but with slightly different mechanics.

The first idea was to have the blocks breaking if there was too much load on them... but working out the max load in each block isn't trivial.

The new idea is slightly simpler, keeping the general theme of building a big tower from blocks the same.

4.5 days to program a game from scratch.


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Lol are you doing a tower building game too?
I'm doing a sim tower type game, it'll be cool to c what you done!

I had a brainstorm of a brute force technique that you could do to simplify the stress testing, it's not realistic, but you would basically work up in an upside down pyramid shape on each block, starting at the bottom. Initial stress is 0, then you go one block up, if there is a block, you increase stress from the last block you went to. You then go to the right and left, and for each of those spots you would increase the stress again if there are blocks there, also increasing stress on the block you passed through. You could go up just a few times from this until you reach the breaking point and then you can stop going up, which saves some calculations. Substitute the pyramid for however your stress rules work. The basic idea is to move out from a block and increase stress from previously visited spots. With numeric, to add stress to all previous blocks, it could probably be pretty fast.

Although the simpler idea is probably still better at this point ;)
Good, luck!
We are in the same boat, but we like our new idea better than our old one anyway :)