We are on GitHub

Good news.
We decided to add the source code of the game to GitHub and it will be maintained and new features will be added in the future (probably... it depends on the school)
Link is in the entry

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The game doesn't work for me as-is, because pygame doesn't fully support mp3 – see https://www.pygame.org/docs/ref/music.html
When I convert the music to OGG as the docs suggest, it starts fine.

I had no problem with mp3.... It runs smoothly on my and my friends pc (High-end notebook RTX 2060 i7 9 gen. and low-end AMD A6-5350M)
But thanks for feedback, it will be fixed in github.
Okay after looking into the documents I found out, that mp3 is not fully supported on Debian systems. We are using windows 10 so I wasn't aware of this problem. We are sorry for the problems and we will work on fix on Github